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Which Fare Evasion Solicitors?

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There are many firms of fare evasion solicitors. Why choose Gray Hooper Holt as your fare evasion solicitors?

Gray Hooper Holt were the first firm of solicitors to realise that persons being investigated or prosecuted for fare evasion offences required a specialised service. We set up a department dedicated exclusively to this complicated and neglected area of the law. We have been providing this service for over ten years. We have successfully represented thousands of clients in this time in respect of charges ranging from travelling in a first class carriage with a standard ticket, to fare evasion, to fraud. 

Our knowledge of railway and bus legislation, train operating company guidelines, practices and policy is second to none. Our experience is second to none. We are familiar with the prosecutors and policies of all the major train operating companies including Transport for London, South West Trains Southern Railway, Southeastern, Abellio Greater Anglia, First Capital Connect, and First Great Western.

Gray Hooper Holt has offices in Sussex and Surrey which makes it easy for us to represent clients undergoing fare evasion investigations or prosecutions in the south-east and London. But we are also prepared to act on behalf of clients who are facing fare evasion investigations or prosecutions from companies further afield such as Arriva Trains Wales, East Midlands Trains, Northern Rail and First Trans-Pennine Express.  We regularly attend with clients at train company second interviews whether they be in Derby or Southampton.

We also act for clients who have been arrested by the British Transport Police for more serious railway and bus fare evasion offences. We have frequently represented them at the London police stations of the British Transport Police. We are familiar with the personnel and modus operandi of the British Transport Police Area Ticket Fraud Squad, the BTP unit dedicated to railway and bus fare evasion and ticket fraud.

With this unique experience and knowledge behind us, we can provide you with unequalled advice, assistance and representation. Our success rate in railway and bus fare evasion investigations and prosecutions is formidable. We enjoy a high degree of respect amongst the train operating companies and that respect is granted to our clients when the train operating companies realise that we have been instructed to act on their behalf.  The railway companies know that we are specialists in railway fare evasion cases.

We know what is at stake when a client is being investigated or prosecuted for fare evasion. If it is a professional person, a successful prosecution for fare evasion means the loss of a job and a career. It is as simple and as brutal as that. For a student embarking on his or her working life, a conviction for fare evasion can bar entry to a profession or be a major handicap.

The ramifications of acquiring a criminal conviction for railway or bus fare evasion are endless. It may make it impossible to occupy a senior position in a charity or it may limit or preclude travel to certain countries such as the United States of America or Australia. 

Nevertheless, we recognize that the primary concern of our clients is almost always employment. Again and again over many years we have succeeded in preventing our clients losing their clean criminal records and thereby their jobs and professional status. We know that there is nothing trivial about an investigation or prosecution for railway or bus fare evasion.

It is for this reason that we approach each case with the greatest commitment, sensitivity and confidentiality. We know how devastating and traumatic the fact of being under investigation or prosecution for railway fare evasion can be to a professional person. We are experienced at reassuring potential clients, talking them through their cases and explaining in straightforward, jargon-free language how a way can be found through what may seem to be an insurmountable problem. We know the profound distress fare evasion investigations and prosecutions can cause. We know how heavy-handed and frightening some of the train operating companies can be. We know how just by itself an interview by a revenue protection inspector on a train or on a railway station platform can be sufficient to cause grave distress and anxiety.

We also know that securing a successful result will be of little use to our client if the knowledge of the fare evasion investigation or fare evasion prosecution has come to light by some other means. For this reason, we have adopted a strict policy of confidentiality so that the risk of unwanted disclosure to another party is excluded.

Our client base covers the whole professional spectrum. We have represented accountants, teachers, actuaries, management consultants, solicitors, and police officers. All enjoy the same uniquely qualified service and complete confidentiality. We also often represent young people who may have made a foolish mistake.  We are expert at handling these cases, often with the assistance and cooperation of parents, and have been able to prevent the blighting of young persons’ career chances.

So let us help you. Make use of our unique experience and knowledge for your own security.  Our initial telephone consultations are free and confidential.  Because we appreciate how traumatic fare evasion investigations and prosecutions can be we operate a dedicated advice line out of hours. This is 07581 064214. Please feel free to call us for immediate advice and assistance.

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