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November 2018 Mr and Mr H instructed Frank Davey who was recommended by an Estate Agent in connection with a purchase of their new home. They described Frank as courteous and knowledgeable about the issues.They say they felt valued as clients.

November 2018  W. emailed Hannah to thank her for acting on a residential purchase.She thanked her for "all your great work" and added that she will "be happy to recommend you and  have actually already done so"


October 2018 Miss M Needed help on a fare evasion case.Adrian O'Brien resolved the matter to her immense relief and satisfaction and commented "Fantastic! Adrian has been brilliant throughout the process." He "provided clear options and solid advice." "Eternally grateful for securing the outcome I so desperately wanted"



October 2018 Mr M  instructed Adrian O'Brien in connection with fare evasion.Following a successful outcome he wrote

"I had dug myself into a very serious hole that would have had extremely damaging repercussions without Adrian.His knowledge and sympathetic attitude were invaluable.I cannot express my gratitude highly enough.Thank you Adrian..worth every penny."



October 2018 Mr S instructed Ian Hardy on a purchase and found him supportive and knowledgeable.Mr S felt valued as a Client.


October 2018 Mrs and Mr M instructed Jessica Webb on the sale of their property and were very satisfied with  her service and commented that she was "exactly what was needed"

September 2018 Frank Davey acted on conveyancing transactions for H and A  who described his service as excellent and commended him for listenig to and acting upon their needs.


September 2018 Arthur Li acted on a stressful matrimonial matter for A and was praised for his professionalism and skill

September 2018 Pand W thanked Ian Hardy for his tremendous efforts on a conveyancing transaction  and said that they look forward to working with him again.

August 2018  Mrs and MrT Expressed delight at Hannah Woodham's service  and for keeping them calm during  a sale and purchase.

August 2018  Hannah's Clients N and D wrote to thank her for "all your expertise and support on our recent purchase"

August 2018 Hannah Woodham acted on Ms F's purchase of her first home and wrote that Hannah"..has been a great support "..."She was always available to answer my questions and advocated for me where needed.She made the process clear and simple to understand" She felt too that our services are value for money.

August 2018  Mr B engaged Daphne Frost to advise him about a Will which she duly drafted after listening to and advising him  how to put his wishes in place.He was very satisfied wit our services and described Daphne as "very efficient and courteous"


July 2018 Mrs and Mr S were more than satisfied with Ian Hardy's work on a sale and purchase having been recommended to us by Agents

July 2018 S and K wrote cards to express their gratitude for the work done by Jessica Webb and Ian Hardy in connection with purchase of their first home and specifically always being available on the 'phone at "the most critical moments of the transaction"

July 2018 Mr C  to whom we were recommended by local agents was vey satisfied with Ian Hardy's service and level of efficiency and will recommend us to friends.


July 2018 Mrs M instructed Daphne Frost to prepare her Will .She appreciated Daphne's care and her ability to listen to her needs and act upon them in a courteous and professional manner.


July 2018 Ian Hardy was praised by Mr N, a returning client ,for his "Excellent and prompt "service in a property transaction and for making him feel valued as a client.


June 2018 Jessica Webb acted for Mr and Mrs S on a house sale and purchase.They felt valued as clients and said that the service was "excellent all round"

June 2018 Mr and Mrs P were recommended by a local  estate agent and were looked after by Jessica Webb.They were very happy with her knowledge efficiency and the ease with which they could contact her as well as the promptness with which she dealt with matters.They wrote that " As first- time buyers the process seemed daunting,but she was always happy to provide information and re-assurance.In the end it all went much quicker than anticipated.We would recommend you to all our friends near and far"


June 2018 Mr and Mrs C instucted Hannah Woodham on a conveyancing transaction.They commented: "We have instructed other conveyancers in the past,but have not experienced the level of service offered by Gray Hooper Holt  before.We were impressed by the speed of staff allocation communication and the personal touch offfered by Hannah.She really understood our expectations and acted on them promptly and in a very professional yet friendly way"


June 2018  Mr C who instructed us on a property purchase told us that Jessica Webb was "always available over the 'phone,explained things clearly and,during 'phone conversations,made me feel valued......I believe that good relations are essential since buying and selling property is both a tricky and stressful business" He was delighted to be able to have a direct line to Jessica .This he said was a"godsend especially when you compare it to many automated 'phone services"

June 2018 Mr B instructed Ian Hardy having been recommended to him by a local estate agent.He was very satisfied with the firm all round and felt that Ian was "Professional,efficient and friendly"


June 2018 W a local estate agent described Hannah Woodham's service on a residential purchase as "Brilliant" and said of the conveyancing team that they are "a breath of fresh air".He gave us 10/10


May 2018 Mr B,a returning client,was vey satisfied with the fIrm's conveyancing service provide by Hannah Woodham.


May 2018 Mrs C for whom our conveyancing Solicitor at Redhill,Frank Davey, acted described the service as "Excellent"

May 2018 My Y Who consulted Daphne Frost was vey satisfied with the Firm's services which he described as "Excellent"

May 2018 An Estate agent wrote to thank Hannah for her patience on a difficult and complex house sale anda s he said "Brilliant!!!.Top work all round"

May 2018 Hannah Woodham acted on a sale and purchase having been recommended by Estate Agents.Mrs A says "Excellent. Hannah was vey helpful,many thanks.Very efficient.I would highly recommend."

May 2018 R and P, who were recommended by a friend, were pleased with the advice provided by Jessica Webb on a residential transaction.She was described as "Efficient and thorough"

April 2018 Daphne Frost  in Wills and Probate received the following commendation from Mrs D (who was recommended by a local small business owner who the client had known for many years);"Very,very, good.Everyone was very polite,friendlyand helpful.Very informative.All my questions were answered in a way I could I understand"

April 2018 Mrs S wrote of Daphne Frost that she "provided me with an excellent clear and informative servicein a very positive and friendly manner.I was highly satisfied with the whole procedure"

April 2018 N and S Were "very satisfied" with Frank Davey's work on a residential conveyance.

1 March 2018 Hannah Woodham was praised by Ms W "May I say how efficiently you have dealt with the sale....and I would certainly highly recommend you and your firm"

1 March 2018 Mr and Mrs S were very satisfied with our conveyancing services provide by Ian Hardy who made them feel valued as clients.

1 March 2018 Philip Davis acted for Mrs S who suffered injuries in a road traffic accident and negotiated a settlement wih which she was delighted.She wrote,simply: "Excellent service,thank you "


28 February 2018 Mr K approached Adrian O'Brien about a fare evasion matter whic we resolved to his satisfaction.

He wrote that he would describe our service as professional and courteous ."I was very pleased to have dealt with Adrian.He was very reassuring and I felt confident dealing with him"

28 February2018 Mr and Mr emailed Hannah Woodham to thank her for her conveyancing services;

"We appreciate all that you have done in this transaction and thank you for all your efforts.We shall be recommending you to all that need your services and indeed if we ever do again we shall be looking you up"


28 February 2018 Mr and Mrs T completed our Client Satisfaction Questionnaire and sent a personal card to Sarah Oram following the successful completion of the purchase of their new home.She was "Friendly,relaxaed and knowledgeable,reassuring whilst we were stressed" and produced "Troublefree conveyancing"

6 February 2018 Mr F described Hannah Woodham as "Excellent in all respects"and was vey satisfied with the Firm's performance on a residential sale and purchase.


6 February 2018 Mr P instructed Hannah Woodham on what he described as "a complicated sale/purchase".He found her service "Amazing!!!!" and would be more than happy to recommend us to his friends.

28 January 2018 Ms N is  a returning  client who instructed Sarah Oram in connection with a residential lease.She described our services as excellent and thanked Sarah who "explained things in layman's term which was an enormous help with such a tricky transfer."


18 January 2018. Philip Davis acted for Mr O in connection with claims arising from a tragic fatal road traffic accident, looking after the interests of the surviving family members. Mr O commented "Mr Davis was very professional from the very first meeting but made me  feel very relaxed in a time of great sadness. I felt at all times he was acting in my best interests and I had every faith in what he was doing" 

16 January 2018. Mr C emailed Hannah Woodham to thank her for acting for his wife and him on their house purchase. He wrote "I can't tell you what a breath of fresh air you are, you made a difference in what is a very stressful time I could not thank you enough. I hope I won't have to move again, but if if there was ever a time when I need to there would be only one person I would reach out to"


11 January 2018. Mr R completed our  questionnaire confirming that he is very satisfied with all aspects of the services provided on a sale having been recommended by a former employee. He added simply "Sarah is top class" 

8 January 2018. Mr C for whom Sarah Oram acted on a house sale was very satisfied. He said "we were recommended by my estate agent and I'm so glad I met Sarah Oram. She has helped in every way for the sale to go through without any problems"


8 January 2018. Sarah Oram acted for Mr and Mrs G on the sale of a property. They were very satisfied with all aspects of the service and said of Sarah that she was "professional, prompt and courteous. A real pleasure to work with"

8 January 2018 Mr D, for whom Ian Hardy acted on connected property matters commented: "I could not be happier with the service provided by Gray Hooper Holt and Ian Hardy. Ian was always very professional. He did a first-class job and I am very grateful. Thank you"

8 January 2018 Philip Davis acted for Mr C who suffered injuries in a nasty street accident. Philip ensured that he was properly compensated. Mr C described Philip's  service as excellent and good value for money. He was recommended by an existing client.


8 December 2017 Ms N was very satisfied with the service provided by Hannah in connection with the sale of her property and commented "Hannah was very helpful and very quick to respond to any questions I raised and made sure that I was reassured when needed and had a compltere understanding of the process"


29 November 2017 Mrs T was delighted with the revision to her Will carried out by Daphne Frost  "The alterations to my will were carried out in a very professional manner and dealt with quickly".  Welcome praise from a former legal secretary.


29 November Ms A described Hannah Woodham as "Professional and client focused" and was very satisfied with the service provided by the Firm.



15 November 2017 Land P wrote to Daphne Frost to express their appreciation "Just a small note to say thank you for all the help and guidance you have given through our first purchase! It has been comforting to know that we have been to someone so excellent to take care of things and we really appreciate the care you have taken throughout"

15 November 2017 Mrs S,for whom Philip Davis acted in connection with a claim for compensation for injuries suffered in a road accident, wrote "Excellent service received from Mr Davis.Thank you "I have already recommended him to my friend"

7 November 2017 Mr H ,another satisfied conveyancing client described Hannah as "Professional and informative"

7 November 2017 Mrs P for whom Philip Davis recovered compensation  for painful personal injuries and resulting losses in a wholly successful  claim against a local authority described our service as " Absolutely first class and highly professional.The expertise of Mr Philip Davis and the results he achieved were exceptional due to his foresight and confidence in his actions"  She came to us on the advice of a " friend of a friend and how fortunate I was that that led to Mr Davis representing me"

7 November 2017,Sarah's client on a conveyancing transaction sent a very pretty card summing up her feelings in one simple word..."Thankyou!"


2 November 2017,Hannah acted on a purchase for Mr H who was very satisfied with our services which he described as "Excellent and  very  professional"


27 October 2017 Mr B recorded that Hannah Woodham and our Firm had provided a "first rate" conveyancing service and that he would "recommend us to his friends".


23 October 2017 Hannah Woodham received a glowing Client Satisfaction Questioonaire from Mr L  who added in an email

"Thank you for your assistance in this matter and for the helpful advice and guidance.....I will certainly keep you in mind for any future legal services"

19 October 2017 Mr  W wrote to Adrian O'Brien :"Thank you for everything. Throughout the ordeal I was impressed with how attentive, efficient and empathetic you were. It made my predicament far more manageable and for that I am extremely grateful, not to mention that you succeeded in achieving the desired outcome."


17 October 2017 Mr L a happy conveyancing  client complimented Hannah on her work and wrote;

"Once again thank you for your helpful assistance and guidance throughout this whole process. It has been a pleasure dealing with you."

 16 October 2017 Hannah Woodham received a personal message card from LC ,a conveyancing client ,which read:

"Phew! We finally made it! We could not have got through this without your expertise and wonderful personality. Thank you very much indeed for all your help in getting us through"

10 October 2017 Philip Davis received the following from SJ; "Thank you again for helping me and supporting me through a horrible situation.You and your staff have shown kindness and been compassionate all the way.Your team have been the only professional people that have been good without any problems.Thanks again."

11 October 2017 we received a thank you card from a lady our reception staff had helped out "To Shirley,Rhona and other ladies at the counter.Thank you very much for all the photo copying and your kind attention"


12 October 2017 Mr R wrote of Philip Davis who succesfully settled his claim ,"Professional,Philip was always there for advice and help.He broke down hard things to explain in an easy to follow way"



September 2017 Mr and Mrs M, longstanding loyal clients were "very satisfied" with all aspects of the service and advice provided by Daphne Frost.

September 2017Mr D was recommended to Arthur Li in connection with a matrimonial matter by a work colleague. He commented on our service as follows “Very good indeed – very satisfied, many thanks”


 September 2017 Mr R consulted Arthur Li about a matrimonial matter having got our details from an Internet search. He was pleased with the services provided and wrote “I was very happy with all aspects of the service provided. Mr Li was professional, but down-to-earth at all times, explaining things clearly, without being patronising. When I needed him to pursue the agreement,…….. he did so effectively and efficiently. I was impressed that Mr Li was prepared to meet at weekends and towards the end of the day, which helped me considerably.

September 2017 Mrs W was satisfied with all aspects of the service and advice provided by Philip Davis and added simply "Thank you so much for all your help"

 August 2017 Mr and Mrs T were recommended to us by estate agents. They commented that “Sarah Oram was very friendly and took the time to explain things in detail when needed. We would use Gray Hooper Holt again should the need arise”. They were very satisfied with all aspects of our service.


August 2017 Mr W complemented Arthur Li who “guided him well” and provided an “efficient service”. He was happy with the outcome of a claim against a builder. He then went on to ask about another matter concerning which he wishes to consult the firm.


August 2017 Mr D was happy with all aspects of the service provided by Philip Davis in a personal injury matter and in particular was pleased that Philip made feel valued as a client. He described our staff as “very polite and professional”. He was recommended by another client.

4 August 2017,Ms M a conveyancing client commented on our team as follows;"Very helpful at all times.Happy to answer any questions as they arose.Explained everything well and clearly"


4 August 2017 Mr and Mrs P commented that we are a "really good professional firm to deal with. They paid particular thanks to Sarah Oram and described our service as "excellent in all respects. superb value for money, friendly professional and courteous"

2 August 2017.Mrs D who suffered injuries when she was knocked down by a car described our services as "Excellent in every way" and expressed appreciation of Philip Davis's expertise .She added "The ladies,your secretary and local office (Redhill) have also been kind and very helpful.Thank you all."

She was recommended to us by another local solicitor

13/07/2017 Mr F wrote to Hannah "Thank you very much for all your professional help and support to us in the conveyancing process.  You have been extremely kind and have always dealt with us in a most friendly manner and we will always bear you and your firm when settling any legal matters in the future.Sadly we have already drafted new wills last year and were awaiting the sale and completion of the sale of our house before finally signing and agreeing the details otherwise we would have been happy to let you draw up both of our wills.

 ...We look forward to working with you again in the future and will certainly recommend you ad your firm to friends and family in the future.

11/07/2017 Mrs M wrote to Hannah "Just a quick note to thank you for all of your help and assistance with our move. You have provided an excellent service throughout and I will be sure to recommend you to others."

05/07/2017 The B family wrote to Hannah "We just wanted to thank you very much for all your help in our recent house move.  Your guidance (and patience!) was very much appreciated. ... Thank you for your perseverance. We got there in the end! Everything went very well on "moving day"

30/06/2017 Mrs M wrote "Sarah, Ian and Hannah.  Thank you for all your help and advice during my house sale.  I will recommend you to all my friends in the future"

15/06/2017 Mrs L wrote to Sarah and Hannah "Thank you for your skills in getting me to a new address. Settling in!"

17/05/2017 Mrs M thanked Adrian for his help and continues as follows :-

"In a world where negative criticism is too readily bandied about, it's important that excellence is recognised and celebrated, so I hope that you will forward my email to your practice head. Alternatively I can email him/her directly if you can let me have their contact details.

I am also happy for my comments to be used for your publicity, with the proviso that {the Client's} name is omitted, so that others can be helped as ably as we were".

25/11/2016 Ms G wrote to Sarah "Fantastic!! Thank you so much for such prompt, efficient and friendly service. We appreciate you pulled all the stops out for us and will be eternally grateful..Meeting with your colleague on Friday to sort wills next!"

18/11/2016 Mr C wrote to Sarah "I just wanted to say that you very much for everything you have done for us.  Great service and we would happily recommend you to anyone for conveyancing services! I’ll get in touch with Jessica re our wills".

25/10/2016 Mr L wrote to Philip "Thank you for taking the lead, always chasing and providing updates and trying to move things forward. I was so pleased to be able to put the whole episode behind me and my family and I can I look forward. Your professionalism and diligence in bringing this to a close was exemplary"

19/10/2016 Mr S wrote to Philip “We would like to take this opportunity to say the biggest THANK YOU possible to you for all that you have done. Not only have you brought things to the best result possible given the circumstances but also you have recognised and been sensitive to the human emotions involved. I know that I have harassed you a great deal in [my partner's] interest but you have been patient and given detailed explanations at every stage of the process.

[My partner] has been given a new lease of life. We both wish you and your family all the very best in the future.”

27/09/2016 Mrs T was recommended to us by a  former client who like her had suffered a personal injury. She commented that Philip Davis provided an excellent service, kept her regularly updated and made her feel valued as a client. She would have no hesitation in recommending us to her friends.

10/08/2016 We dealt with a personal injury case for Mr S who said  Philip Davis kept him regularly updated and provided support and clear explanations of the issues involved. Philip was described as "professional, thorough and approachable

07/06/2016 Mrs F was very satisfied with our level of service throughout and said of Philip Davis that she was "very happy with the service and support" she received in getting to a "very satisfactory outcome". She finished "thank you, very pleased to have everything resolved. Everything was very professionally handled

17/03/2016 Mrs W was recommended by a friend. She comments that she found Philip Davis’s service professional and helpful and that he was knowledgeable about the legal issues involved. She says that he kept her regularly updated and was supportive

19/01/2016 Mr L instructed us in connection with a personal injury claim which Philip Davis brought to a more than satisfactory conclusion. The client having been recommended to us wrote "Mr Philip Davis was always ready to answer any questions I might have and was very supportive and professional in his work. Thank you very much, the service was excellent"

23/12/2015 Mr and Mrs C  who were recommended by Chris Lodge ,say that Jessica Partridge was very knowledgeable about the legal issues involved and made them feel valued as clients .Jess was "very professional" and had a "structured "approach.

21/12/2015 Mrs C on was recommended to Philip Davis on a personal injury matter  by a friend who gave her a cutting from a newspaper praising the firm. She is very satisfied with all aspects of the work done by Philip and describes him in one word as "brilliant!"

27/11/2015 Miss S was recommended to the firm by a friend. She comments that Sarah Oram provided an excellent service "all the way through" and that she dealt with all issues in a "professional and calm way" which made the client feel that Sarah was "on our side".

25/11/2015 Mr N was recommended to us by a friend and expresses pleasure that Sarah Oram explored all legal options clearly and offered the best solutions according to his needs. He was impressed with the speed in getting information to him and moving the situation along to a satisfactory conclusion.

02/10/2015 Mr and Mrs S summed up Daphne and the services the firm provided in one word "Superb".

01/10/2015 Mrs L writes that we gave her support and made her feel valued as a client, describing Daphne as "Excellent"

01/10/2015 Mrs S, for whom we acted on a personal injury matter, writes of Philip Davis "I was properly advised on what action to take and with the assistance provided, a satisfactory outcome prior to court  action was achieved"

01/10/2015. Mrs M suffered a personal injury and was recommended to Philip Davis by a friend. She describes Philip as being courteous and professional as well as knowledgeable about the legal issues involved. She was satisfied that he listened to her needs and acted upon them. She says "I would recommend you to my friends"