February 2024 Adrian O'Brien acted for Ms NB who said "I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for the exceptional legal assistance you provided recently. Your swift and effective handling of my case went above and beyond my expectations. Your professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication to ensuring a positive outcome truly set you apart. The complexities of the legal issues involved were navigated with finesse, and your expertise was evident throughout the entire process. I would like to acknowledge the timely manner in which you addressed my concerns and the clarity with which you communicated the legal intricacies. Your commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed, and I feel fortunate to have had you as my legal counsel. Thank you once again for your outstanding service. I am truly appreciative of your hard work, and I will not hesitate to recommend your services to others seeking legal assistance".

February 2024 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr GP who said "I can only thank you again for everything you have done for xxxxx.  She has learnt a very hard lesson; it has cost her a lot of money but I guess for an 18 year old it is a valuable lesson to learn early.  You have treated both xxxxx and me with huge professionalism and respect and for that I cannot thank you enough.  I am so glad I picked the phone up to you".

February 2024 Adrian O'Brien acted for Ms AB who said: "Adrian was excellent and very attentive. He not only responded promptly during the holidays (especially during Christmas weekend) to alleviate my concerns, but he was also extremely knowledgeable about my situation and was able to help resolve this as quickly as possible. I am very grateful for his services and ability to settle this matter directly. I would highly recommend Adrian and Gray Hooper Holt. Thank you Adrian!"

January 2024 Hannah Woodham acted for Mr WH and Ms CG who rated her service as excellent as returning satisfied customers.

January 2024 Philip Davis acted for Ms WC who said she "received a professional and kind service" from him and thanked him "for all his time and patience".

January 2024 Hannah Woodham acted for Mr JR who said she was great and very professional.

January 2024 Jessica Webb acted for Ms LT who rated her service as professional, quality and good value for money.

January 2024 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr AA who said: "Adrian O’Brian is phenomenal with a professional and empathetic manner - a formidable combination for fare evasion cases. Adrian took his time with me to talk through the situation, the various outcomes and ultimately, closed my case with significantly better-than-expected results. Adrian’s professionalism with other stakeholders across his ecosystem, including the railway, inevitably helped us reach a positive conclusion and I’ll be forever grateful for his help on my case. A very safe pair of hands for any fare evasion case whom I will recommend to anyone that finds themselves in a similar situation. Thank you so much Mr O’Brien."

January 2024 Hannah Woodham acted for Ms EP who said: "thank you so much for your work. You make the process as stress free as possible. Here’s why: You make yourself available quickly, your instructions and answers to questions are clear and you are always kind. I feel that you are working to give me the best outcome and that is something I think all your customers appreciate when working with you. Thank you".  

January 2024 Jessica Webb acted for Mr RW who rated her as "Excellent for porfessionalism, efficient, good value for money" and would recommend her to friends.

January 2024 Adrian O'Brien acted for Ms MS who said: "Many thanks for bringing this matter to this positive conclusion, I am extremely grateful to you and very thankful for the efforts you have undertaken to get us here."

January 2024 Adrian O'brien acted for Mr TM who said "Adrian provided and excellent service and I would highly recommend. Adrian was attentive, courteous and reassuring whilst also being honest regarding realistic outcomes and expectations. Adrian kept me informed at every stage, and achieved an outcome which was much better than expected. I have no doubt that the outcome would not have been resolved as quickly or as amicably without Adrian’s help, and that even with the fixed fee, the total cost to me would have been significantly higher if I had not employed Adrian’s services."

December 2023 Efua Baffoe-Garley acted for Mr PG who said he received " a very friendly, efficient, understanding and responsive service.

December 2023 Jessica Webb acted for Mr & Mrs DW said: "No improvment required, just carry on as you are. What you did was beyond the call of duty".

December 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr TM who said "Thank you so much for your help and support in brining this to an amicable and speedy settlement."

December 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr DG who said "Thanks so much Adrian, I really really appreciate it. Absolute legend!"

November 2023 Hannah Woodham acted for Mr MR who said "I couldn’t have asked for more. Hannah was outstanding in every regard. I am so grateful to have had her leading me through this process, and I plan on using Gray Hooper Holt’s services from here onwards, because of Hannah’s dedication and quality."

November 2023 Hannah Woodham acted for Mr SS who said "Hannah was very good, as I would expect, for what, on the face of it, was quite a simple task. However, E&M were difficult and tardy in their responses (no surprise there). Hannah kept on top of the task and provided E&M with regular reminders and me with regular updates. Without Hannah being so on top of the task, I think it could easily have gone awry. Hannah was always a pleasure to deal with. Thank you".

November 2023 Hannah Woodham acted for Ms MW who said " You are fantastic and always chasing the transaction through. We have used you before - Best conveyancers locally."

November 2023  Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr DW who said "Many thanks for your support in guiding us through with no lasting consequences."

November 2023 Hannah Woodham acted for Mr & Mrs SC who said "Excellent service from Hanna Woodham… can’t recommend her highly enough and in fact I am doing just that with my clients! Accurate and timely communication, polite, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to achieve a good outcome… very happy." 

November 2023 Jessica Webb acted for Miss BD who said she was very happy with the service provided.

November 2023 Jessica Webb acted for Ms KO who said "An excellent service -  even better than last time (in 2018).  Jessica and Katie were always responsive and patient with us. Jessica was also effective at letting us know our rights and pushing back when the other party's lawyers were requesting things that we didn't need to provide."

October 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Ms RL who said "Thank you so much for your exceptional assistance with my case and how quickly you were able to turn this around. I am truly incredibly grateful."

October 2023 Efua Baffoe-Garley acted for Mr PB who said "We have used Efua's excellent services 3 times now."

October 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr ST who said "Thank you again for the way you have handled this matter for our daughter.  If it had gone further, it may have had a serious impact on many aspects of her and our lives and we are very grateful this did not happen, and for the reassurance and guidance you provided."

October 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr IS who said "The service which Adrian O’Brien, on behalf of Gray Hooper Holt LLP provided was nothing short of excellent. He was courteous, professional, and from the first phone call we had I could tell he was a man of experience in his field. His expertise is unmatched and went above and beyond in reassuring me that he was confident in my case’s success. Not to my surprise, the case ended up going my way and commend Mr
O’Brien for his professionalism and specialist knowledge.I was regularly liaised with regarding updates of my case, which looking back would have had a detrimental impact on my career, should Mr O’Brien not have handled it with the utmost elegance and expertise. I will without a doubt recommend him and this firm to anyone who is in need of professional and reliable legal aid, and am beyond grateful for having chosen Grap Hooper Holt LLP." 

October 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr AS who said " Once again, thank you for your professionalism, speedy resolution and allowing me to sleep again!"

October 2023 Arthur Li acted for Mr SH who said "You are one of our very few trusted advisers and thank you again for all your help as always."

October 2023 Arthur Li acted for Mrs JM who said "Sincere thanks for all your help and advice!"

October 2023 Jessica Webb acted for Mr & Mrs DW who said "I would like to say that XX and I could not have dealt with a more helpful person. May I also say that we would always deal with you in the future and would recommend you to all our friends and family and anybody else who needs a solicitor."

October 2023 Hannah Woodham acted for Mr DB who rated her as "Excellent" and said "Hannah has been honest and straightforward throughout our proceedings -  very pleased with the service provided."

October 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr DM who said "Adrian has been more than excellent. Expert knowledge and how to proceed. Adrian kept me informed every step of the way and closed my case very quickly. Adrian was very reassuring and achieved a result that was way better than I expected. Truly an expert, and so very helpful, a credit to the firm. Thank you."

September 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr DM who said "I could not thank you enough for your help in my case as without you, it would have been a lot more difficult and had a much worse result."

Septemebr 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Ms CT who said: "I cannot thank you enough for all of your wonderful assistance in the matter, and am overwhelmingly relieved that it has come to a conclusion. Please do let me know if there is anything else that you require from me in the meantime. Once again, I am extremely grateful to you for your wonderful services."

September 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr AS who said "I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your exceptional help in concluding my case successfully and swiftly. Your expertise, dedication, and support made all the difference, and I am truly thankful for your assistance."

September 2023 Efua Baffoe-Garley acted for Mr & Mrs MB who said "Efua kept us calm during a stressful house sale and acted professionally at all times. If we had any concerns or queries, she responded by phone/emails and was always on hand to guide us through the process. We would definitely recommend."

September 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Ms MT who said "I just want to thank you for all of your done to help get my case brought to a close so quickly. I am very grateful."

September 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr AN who said "This is awesome news, one for which I will be eternally grateful. So thank you Adrian. My review for your services are 5 stars across the board". 

September 2023 Hannah Woodham acted for Mr & Mrs MW who said "Hannah was brilliant, responsive, proactive and supportive. We totally recommend her."

August 2023 Hannah Woodham acted for Mr JW who said "I have dealt with Hannah on several occasions, Jess and Efua in the conveyancing team and recommended them to my clients – they always do a  great job, always take my calls and are pro active with all the constant work involved. 10/10 for the whole team."

August 2023 Hannah Woodham acted for Mr GK who said "Hannah was amazing! The sale of my property, the attempted purchase of a leasehold apartment and the eventual purchase of a new build house were all handled efficiently and promptly by Hannah who was courteous, friendly and approachable throughout my transactions. Nothing was ever too much trouble. I am so pleased Hannah was my solicitor and I will certainly be seeking her out should I need to do another transaction in the future. Thank you!"

August 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Ms KD who was "very pleased to hear her case has come to a successful close and that she was provided with excellent service".

August 2023 Hannah Woodham acted for Ms NL who said "We can't thank you enough for the fantastic service you gave us. The speed you dealt with everything and your endless patience with all our questions was amazing."

August 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Ms CC who said "I really appreciate all your help with my case and for all your efforts. You have exceeded my expectations and I'm very grateful for helping me keep my clean record. Thank you again for all the attention given to the case, I will recommend you to any person that is in a similar situation and asks me for a lawyer specialised in this area."

July 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr VM who thanked him for getting the matter resolved quickly and who really appreciated his help..

July 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Ms CC who said "I really appreciate all your efforts and the news make me very happy today".

July 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Ms LH who said "Really appreciate your assistance on this, it’s a huge weight off!"

July 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr DD who said "Thanks so much for all of your help and for securing the best possible outcome for me. I'm very impressed with how swiftly it was bought to a conclusion. I am delighted with the offer of a settlement and that the fee is considerably lower than the original estimate". 

July 2023 Arthur Li acted for Mr TH who said "I would like to thank you for acting for me regarding all legal matters relating to my case and for all your professional help, advice and support. I will highly recommend your services to friends and family".

June 2023 Arthur Li acted for Mr DK who said "Thank you for carefully taking care of us, it is appreciated. Great job and I would like to come and see you about some more as the solicitors I have been using have not been as efficient as you". 

June 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr SP who said: "On behalf of xxxx and I, I would like to thank you for the remarkable speed with which you have dealt with this matter, and the outcome which has been better than anything we had hoped for. We really did not expect to have the matter resolved so rapidly and I know I speak for xxxx when I say we are so glad we came to you".

June 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr TL who said: "You are well experienced and very efficient in handling the case. Once again I would like to thank you for your effort in handling my case. Throughout the entire process, you consistently exhibited a high level of professionalism, integrity, and diligence. The favorable outcome that we achieved is a testament to your exceptional legal skills and dedication. I am truly grateful for the time, effort, and expertise you invested in my case".

June 2023 Hannah Woodham acted for Ms JK who rates her service as excellent through the process.

June 2023 Philip Davis acted for Mrs ST who is "very satisfied" with the service received, she also said of Mr Davis "very professional and helpful even with my constant emailing asking for updates".

June 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr TL who simply said "Your good news has saved my day and future".

May 2023 Efua Baffoe-Garley acted for Mr TD who said "All great! Fantastic speedy service, I will use you when I sell my property."

May 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr AF who told him " Thank you for the brilliant news and outcome! I understand it must have been very frustrating at times trying to contact xxxxxxx, but I am glad it is finally over. I am looking forward to being able to progress in my career in the future."

May 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr CB who thanked him for all his help and that it's a relief the matter has been sorted out and all ended well.

May 2023 Hannah Woodham acted for Ms EP who said "Excellent all round. Hannah has been so helpful, clear with information, easy to contact and got everythong sorted in the time frame agreed".

May 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr MB who said "Mr O'Brien was fantastic, he made the case clear, instructed me and understood the anxiety I had. He was swift in answering all correspondence and he was exemplary throughout. I wish him all the best."

May 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Ms RC who thanked him for the outcome achieved. 

March 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Ms AG who thanked him for his "unwavering support, non-judgmental and caring manner".

March 2023 Hannah Woodham acted for Mr TL who said: "Hannah was very helpful and ensured our house purchase went as smoothly as possible; she was always available to address our queries and provide advice."

March 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Ms PM who said "I have had such an excellent experience working with you. I have been so impressed and am very pleased that I reached out to you. Thank you once again for your advice, support and hard work - it really means the world to me and I feel indebted to you with the burden that has finally been lifted!"

March 2023 Efua Baffie-Garley acted for Mr CP who said "Thanks so much for this and for all your help, it is much appreciated and all went smoothly. Thank you again and I hope to use yourselves again in the future!"

March 2023  Hannah Woodham acted for Mr CS who said "Hannah was extremely polite and professional with us when dealing with our account. Taking time to speak with my elderly mother about matters in a very patient & understanding way. This made the experience a great deal less stressful."

March 2023 Efua Baffoe-Garley acted for Mr JF who said: "Excellent! Done everything asked of you, I would recommend you to other people."

February 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted or Ms TB who said "I would like to express my many thanks to Mr. Adrian O’Brien. He has gone above and beyond in the last six weeks to do everything he can for this case and has been exceptionally supportive for the duration of the whole case. He made me feel at ease and reassured me the whole time. I am extremely grateful for all the time and effort he has put into this case. It is much appreciated. Mr. O’Brien has written many specimen references as well as called me numerous times throughout the process to keep me updated. Everything Mr. O’Brien has done is sincerely appreciated and I am indebted to him for his exceptional service and devotion to this matter. The fact that this case was resolved was solely down to his efforts. I will forever be in his debt. I urge anyone who needs help in this matter to give him a call."

February 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr RB who said "Can I take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank you for your kindness and concern for xx along with your amazing presentation of our case to TFL. Without you, we would not be where we are today".

February 2023 Hannah Woodham acted for Mr & Mrs NC and they said: "Excellent service provided from start to finish.  Any queries answered promptly".

February 2023 Philip Davis acted for Mrs AP in a successful claim and she was satisfied with the service provided. 

February 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr TM who said "My case was dealt was dealt with promptly and efficiently with the utmost discretion and confidence. I am very happy with the outcome of my case and the swift and efficient manner in which it was dealt with - Please extend my thanks to Adrian for his excellent work and handling my case."

February 2023 Hannah Woodham acted for Ms DS who said "Super thanks and a massive thank you again for being so amazing throughout this whole process. I would recommend you in a heartbeat."

February 2023 Hannah Woodham acted for Ms AC who thanked her "enormously for all your help throughout the sale and purchase of both properties."

January 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr OI who said " I am beyond grateful for your help and quick action; words cannot express the relief I feel. I can assure you that I will never put myself in this position again and this now allows me to move on and get the help and support I need. Thank you for your swift work and I wish you all the best. I will forever be grateful."

January 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Ms SN who said "I would like to thank you a lot for all your work, your listening and time. You have done a wonderful job. I'm feeling better and now I can focus on my kids, family and work to continue my career."

January 2023 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr A who told him: "I am extremely grateful for the prompt representations that you made on my behalf and your swift resolution of this matter." 

January 2023 Hannah Woodham acted for Mr CL who said "Hannah always returns my emails and calls, the part which is most valuable to me is if it's near the end of the day, she will still get back to me and resolve the issue rather than leaving it for the next day causing delays".

December 2022 Efua Baffoe-Garley acted for Ms AG who said she "provided excellent service, I am very satisfied with your servive and I would recommend to my friends."

December 2022 Hannah Woodham acted for Ms DH who said "Very professional, Hannah processed our sale quickly and efficiently".

December 2022 Hannah Woodham acted for Ms JC who said "I was recommended to you and having used other local solicitors previously, I would say that Hannah gave us the best service. The sales progression went really quickly and smoothly and I would definitely use your company again and highly recommend you. I manage a Letting Agent, based in xxxxx and xxxxxx and I am already recommending you to Landlords and tenants".

December 2022 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr SA and received the following testimonial: "I just wanted to give you a big personal thank you from myself and Mrs A for your kindness, consideration, expediency and professionalism in dealing with the matter regarding our son XX.  To get the matter resolved in 36 hours, allowing us all to celebrate Christmas without a black cloud of concern is the best gift we could have had. So thank you. You are a star in our eyes and I am sure in the eyes of many others you have helped."

December 2022 Adrian O'Brien received the following testimonial from Mrs MM: "I do not normally write testimonials, however, I am absolutely delighted to make an exception on this occasion. I was devastated to learn that XX had, completely unknown to him and in his absence, received a criminal conviction which would have ended his hard-earned career.  With little hope (and frankly clutching at straws) I sought advice from Gray Hooper Holt on his behalf. The service we received from Adrian O’Brien was exceptional and far exceeded all of my expectations. From the outset Adrian was kind, non-judgemental, absolutely thorough, professional and (on a fixed fee) generous with his time. His patience, attention to detail, persistence and proactive approach, chasing the court and the rail company numerous times, resulted in the quashing of the conviction. Adrian kept us informed at every step of the journey and went far above and beyond my expectations in his handling of XX’s case. I could not be more grateful and have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Adrian. I will be forever grateful to you for you help".

December 2022 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr CT and received this testimonial: "I would like to thank you once again for all you have done for XX and I. I am absolutely delighted that you were able to help XX retrieve his clean record. I am so pleased we engaged your services. You went far above and beyond my expectations in your handling of his case and I will be forever grateful for your kindness, patience, persistence, proactive attitude, (sheer brass neck at times!), judgment and professionalism". 

December 2022 Adrian O'Brien acted for Ms SK who said: "I just wanted to thank you for your help and support. I have managed to get an offer meaning no criminal conviction. Thank you very much".

November 2022 Adrian O'Brien acted for Ms TC who said "I can’t begin to say how thankful we are for your help, we would never have been able to do this on our own.  I’m so shocked at how quickly you got on the case and were able to negotiate this for us especially xxxx and she is now able to continue in her medical career.  She has definitely learnt a valuable life lesson from this.Thank you for everything" and also Ms RC who said "I just wanted to express my gratitude again that you were able to facilitate such a quick ending to this matter – you have really saved me a lot of worry".

October 2022 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr DW who thanked Adrian once again for all his help and said "I'm so happy it is finally over".

October 2022 Hannah Woodham acted for Ms CL who said "Always a pleasure working with Hannah, she is so efficient, pragmatic and calm and always finds a way through the madness.  Thank you!"

October 2022 Hannah Woodham acted for Ms EM who said "Impeccable. As a private person, I have bought 14 properties in my adult life and sold 13. I have had considerable professional exposure to solicitors during my working life. Hannah Woodham is a rarity for the consistently excellent quality of service she gives. She takes "ownership" of every aspect of the job and if anything is going awry, she fixes it. She was recommended to me by the estate agent which is the first recommendation I've ever found worth having in the property selling context."

September 2022 Adrian O'Brien acted for Ms AM who said "Adrian is an amazing and capable lawyer. When we received the xxx letter we were in a terrible panic. Other legal companies I spoke to said a maximum 20% chance of success. Adrian took on the job, realising the chances were slim, but put together a plan and strategy that really worked. And throughout the whole time, he reassured us, and helped  to cope with the stresses of this nightmare situation. He worked tirelessly and dedicated himself to the task, and against all the odds he delivered the most amazingly successful result. Adrians efforts have saved xxx from consequences that would have ruined her life, and for this we can never thank him enough. I would recommend Adrian’s help to anyone".

September 2022 Hannah Woodham acted for Ms CH who said "Very professional and efficient service. Replies to emails were very prompt and courteous, friendly service. Thanks for the suport with my first house purchase!"

September 2022  Philip Davis acted for Mrs BH who was highly satisfied with his service and would reommend to her friends.

September 2022  Hannah Woodham acted for Ms AJ who said "Excellent service, thank you! Would recommend time and time again!"

September 2022 Efua Baffoe-Garley acted for Ms LG who said "she overcame the many hurdles thrown at us by the developer's solicitor and we got there in the end."

September 2022 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr H who said "This is great news! Thanks so much for your help on this, I’m glad we managed to get this all cleared up".

September 2022 Hannah Woodham acted for Mr L who said "Thank you for your work and for helping push xxxxx so much on the last day I really appreciate your constant persistence and hasty email replies thoughout the whole procces and making sure we had everything in place before your annual leave which could have slowed us down. I do recognise it compared to others I have worked with in the past who seem to give little diligence".

September 2022 Adrian O'Brien was thanked by Miss L for all his help in resolving an important case.

September 2022 Efua Baffoe-Garley acted for Mr & Mrs R who said "Fantastic & very tight deadlines met. You are a "star" and we both thank you for the swift and easy process you took us through."

August 2022 Arthur Li acted for Mr CH who said "Thank you very much indeed Arthur. You have been immensely helpful in giving me complete clarity and fortitude".

August 2022 Hannah Woodham acted for Mr LJ who thanked her for the excellent service.

August 2022 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr LR who said "I can't thank you enough for all of the help and advice that you have given me through this very worrying time. I am so grateful to you for doing it so quickly too".

August 2022 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr NE who thanked him for his assistance and said he was pleased with the result.

August 2022 Hannah Woodham acted for Mr & Mrs CT who said "The Service provided simply could not be bettered and for that reason cannot be improved. Hannah and the team were exceptional, very professional, very polite and courteous, extremely helpful and knowledgeable about everything that they did and they communicated everything to us so that we always knew what was happening and what was being chased. Very impressed again and we would have no hesitation recommending Hannah and returning in the future".

August 2022 Efua Baffoe-Garley acted for Ms F who rated her service as "Excellent, very good service".

July 2022 Arthur Li acted for Mr HA who said: "I will pop by one day to thank you in person for all your help throughout this xxxxxx".

July 2022 Jessica Webb acted for Mr RP who said of her "Excellent service, polite, friendly, professional and efficient".

July 2022 Adrian O'Brien acted for Ms SS who said: "Thank you so much again, I am so happy and I cannot thank you enough for dealing with this all so quickly. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and I can now start to enjoy the rest of my summer. If I dealt with this myself, I don’t know how long I’d be under stress for or even if I’d be able to get this result. Your efforts are greatly appreciated".

July 2022 Efua Baffoe-Garley acted for Mr S who said "On behalf of the family I am writing to note our appreciation for your service in  the sale of my father’s property. I have used GHH for a variety of transactions over the years - this in fact being the second sale. You picked up the process in difficult circumstances with Ian’s departure and handed all in a professional manner. Particularly interesting for me was the ‘reservation agreement’ a first. R who had most contact with you commented ’if only the buyers had been competent as Efua’.

June 2022 Hannah Woodham acted for Ms M and Mr F who said "Hannah is an excellent solicitor, she was professional and friendly throughout. Most importantly her communication throughout was excellent and she managed to deliver an incredibly quick turn around".

June 2022 Hannah Woodham acted for Mr P and Ms B who told her: "We are very pleased with your handling of the equity. I have given you top feedback."

June 2022 Hannah Woodham acted for Mr C who told her "I know that this has been quite a struggle but yesterday’s success was, in no small way, down to you, your proactive approach, persistency in not letting ‘the others’ mess things up, and your knowledge and professionalism in telling their purchasers solicitors how to actually ‘get things done’ which they were saying wasn’t possible. I know there is still the matter of XX’s house sale to conclude, but again your proactive approach ‘saved’ a potentially disastrous situation and has kept the sale ‘on track’.  Hannah, thanks so much for all your efforts, very much appreciated."

June 2022 Adrian O'Brien acted for Ms OD who told him "That is fantasrtic news!! Thank you very much for your efforts."

June 2022 Hannah Woodham acted for Mr RC who said of her service "First Class, proactive and efficient.  The process became prolonged and frustrating (through no fault on our side or our Lawyer), but Hannah’s perseverance and dedication to our cause got us there in the end.  From my point of view, the third party solicitors were ‘less than procactive’, in fact somewhat tardy at times, and had it not been for the intervention of Hannah on several occasions, I don’t think we have completed when we did.  Hannah remained completely focussed on our cause and in so doing, probably did a lot of the work that the third party’s solicitors should have done!!  We are very satisfied with the outcome.

May 2022 Efua Baffoe-Garley acted for Ms EH who said "Efua was courteous, professional and patient, the last being so important when buying/selling houses! I felt that the sale of my property was handled well and that I was kept informed regularly. In the past I have had to chase solicitors for information and so it was refreshing to feel that Efua was ahead of the curve in this respect. I was supported throughout the sale and would highly recommend her services to others. I was recommended to contact Gray Hooper Holt by Mathew Gurr at Move Revolution as he has worked with the company for many years. Whilst he had not worked with Efua before, he still felt that the firm was the best to go with. After working with Efua from selling the property to completion both myself and Mathew were impressed with her service". 

May 2022 Hannah Woodham acted for Ms EM who said: "It has been the most consistently excellent legal service that I have ever received. Skilled, attentive (not only in terms of courtesy and responsiveness but in terms of Ms Woodham’s attention to detail), timely and effective. From the outset I was impressed by the quality of the formal documents issued by the firm to clients as preliminaries - they were exceptionally well written, well structured and as brief as possible without sacrificing clarity. They could not be improved on. Ms Woodham dealt with my conveyancing with intelligence, drive, focus, and care at every stage. It was a great relief (at a generally difficult time for me) to find that my conveyancing was being handled by someone who clearly takes pride in her work, carries it out with consummate skill, and enjoys it. I have no reservations about the describing the service she delivered as excellent. Such high standards are uncommon and I am delighted that Gray Hooper Holt/Hannah Woodham will be dealing with the conveyancing for my property purchase."

May 2022 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr AS who said "From the very first call I had with Adrian, he provided me with assurance that they would be able to help with my case and maintain my clean record. He listened carefully about what happened, no mention of money at this stage, simply a brief assessment of how best to approach the situation. Having spoken to other law firms, without even asking about basic details/information about my case, I was presented with their cost breakdown! Never a good start in my opinion. Cannot recommend Gray Hooper Holt enough for cases related to travel irregularity." 

May 2022 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr S who said "Words cannot express the gratitude I feel. I am absolutely certain that I would not have achieved the result you achieved. From instructing you on Wednesday to receiving an offer of an out of court settlement on Friday is amazing. You marshalled the minimal evidence I was able to provide, arranged for the matter to be expedited and dealt with by the senior prosecutor himself. Dealing directly with him, you promptly achieved what seemed impossible. It was entirely your experience and skill which made this happen. At one of the darkest times of my life, you turned things around for me and I am forever grateful to you.

April 2022 Jessica Webb acted for Mr P who said "May I please take the opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you for your professionalism and cheerfulness, it has been a pleasure doing business with you.

April 2022 Adrian O'Brien gave advice to Ms Z who said "Thank you very much to Mr. O'Brien for returning my phone call and his kind advice, with a dose of his humour, that enabled me to approach this matter effectively".

April 2022 Hannah Woodham acted for Mr D who said "Hannah is professional and knowledgeable. Advises and listens. Always helpful and engaged."

April 2022 Adrian O'Brien acted for Ms O who sent him " A huge thank you for his assistance with her matter".

April 2022 Adrian O'Brien acted for Ms K who said: "I would like to thank you sincerely for taking my case. I felt relieved, by your assurance of taking on many other cases and your confidence in being able to bring mine to a close as well. I am very happy this is over with!"

April 2022 Jessica Webb acted for Mr & Mrs Wright who rated her work as excellent and said she provided "clear and professional servuce".

March 2022  Hannah Woodham acted for Mr S who said "The perfect service. Purchasing a home is stressful enough without having to worry about whether the legal team are performing their duties to the best of their ability. There was not a moment during the whole process where I felt as though Hannah could do more for me. I am so lucky to have found and used GHH as the whole experience was pain free. Hannah was professional and friendly and willing to answer any question about the process no matter how naive or time consuming. I am incredibly grateful for the effort Hannah put in to push through the purchase and ensure I completed at the most convenient time for me".

March 2022 Robert Sullivan acted for Mr & Mrs M who said " for information was provided and all questions fully answered. Overall very satisfied."

March 2022 Efua Baffoe-Garley acted for Mrs C and Mrs C who said "I called in a number of times at the office and she always took the time to meet me and deal with any queries efficiently and in a friendly way."

March 2022 Efua Baffoe-Garley acted for Mr & Mrs B who said "You provided a full professional service, you gave us a caring and helpful service, was always proactive in all respects and was very helpful and friendly when we need guidance or interpretation of legal aspects."

March 2022 Jessica Webb acted for Mrs & Mrs S who said "Thank you very much with all your help with the purchase of XXXX - we recognise there was a lot of work involved with this and appreciated your persistence and thoroughness."

March 2022 Hannah Woodham acted for Ms S and Mr T who told her "We would like to thank you once again for your excellent support in this challenging process of buying a house. Again I cannot stress enough how excellent your work was, 5 *****!"

February 2022 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr R and his father said: "Thank goodness my brother X pointed us to you and it’s you alone that put a trampoline under Y as he was falling - and just look how he has bounced back. Thank you so much"

February 2022 Philip Davis acted for Mrs F who said "The service you provided was very professional and I would recommend you to friends and family"

February 2022 Jessica Webb acted for Mr L who rated her service as "Excellent" throughout and would recommend her to his friends.

February 2022 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr G who said "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for resolving this matter. You have been very professional and kind to us."

February 2022 Mr W sought advice from Adrian O'Brien and he says "I just want to contact you to say what brilliant service I have had from Adrian O'Brien.  I contacted him this morning and within a couple of hours he was on the phone to me with clear, succinct and helpful advice.  Thank you so much".  

February 2022 Hannah Woodham acted for Miss S & Mr G and they said "Excellent from start to finish. I felt truly supported by Hannah throughout process, with regular communications. Our purchase was fast and efficient. I felt reassured by all queries raised and advice given. Cannot recommend her services highly enough".

February 2022 Efua Baffoe-Garley acted for Mr & Mrs A who said "she was very good and responsive, we've moved a few times and it's normally hard work chasing solicitors for updates but we didn't have to chase her at all, so very pleased with her service".

January 2022 Arthur Li acted for Mrs U who described the service she received as "Excellent. Two points really stood out for me: The response time to emails – I always had a response quickly, so that at least from my side it felt as though we were doing everything we could to move the process forwards quickly. Being practical in respect of what analysis I could do myself and therefore keeping fees to a minimum."

January 2022 Arthur Li acted for Ms S who said "Arthur dealt with my case very promptly and efficiently, and was never too busy to answer my questions. I'm very satisfied with his work"

December 2021 Jessica Webb acted for Ms B who thankded her for a great service and that she would recommend her to others.

December 2021 An estate agent Mr G said of Hannah Woodham "I do not usually praise a solicitor as service levels in the last 2 years have been shocking. However Hannah has been a breath of fresh air. If there had been a chance to say exceptional above I would have said this instead as every single time Hannah responded speedily to a phone call, an email and was always happy to speak to me to help, warn of issues and assist. If every solicitor had this wonderful attitude and hard working then transaction times would without doubt fall. I have been in the industry now for just over 20 years and I must say I would have no hesitation to recommend to any buyer or seller to use Hannah and also for my fellow agents to recommend in the industry. Thank you."

December 2021  Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr E who said "Perfect service start to finish. When I first spoke to Adrian, he provided the initial information I was after. He listened to the full details of the case even before the consultation and was confident he could help. With Christmas and Covidbeing a factor, I thought it would drag on into the New Year but due to Adrian's connections, he was able to come to a speedy resolution which meant I could enjoy the festive period without having to stress"

December 2021 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr M who said "I felt the service provided by Adrian was above and beyond. I rang on Sunday morning at 7:30 am when I was feeling down on an impending court prosecution case. Adrian rang me back an hour later at 8:30am. Who rings back at 8:30 on a Sunday morning. He calmed me down and re-assured me and that won me over to take my case to him. He dealt with my case efficiently and literally resolved it within two days. He was attentive, listened to my concerns that I had and took everything into account and re-assured me all along the way. I cannot thank him highly enough. If you ever you have an issue with a train company and you receive a letter, I recommend contacting Gray Hooper and contacting Adrian in your first instance to have this resolved for you as soon as possible. He will not only do his utmost for you but will have this resolved in the best of matter for you.

December 2021 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr L who said "Adrian O’Brien was a courteous and empathetic representative from the off. He understood my position and provided a exceedingly high quality of service, dealing with my situation swiftly and keeping me informed throughout. I couldn’t recommend him more highly."

December 2021 Efua Baffoe-Garley acted for Mr & Mrs N who said "Service was friendly, efficient and professional. Lawyers were responsive. Impressed by service provided at a crucial point when our primary contact was away for a couple of days. Impressed by handover and continuity of service."

December 2021 Efua Baffoe-Garley acted for Mr & Mrs M who described the service as "Exemplary, Efua was very helpful and we received a great service throughout the process I would definitely recommend the company especially Efua who is friendly and competent".

December 2021 Hannah Woodham acted for Ms P who said "A big phew! It's over, not the easiest but you were brilliant. What a star."

December 2021 Hannah Woodham acted for Mr G who said of her "Can I just say you are seriously a rare find as your communication has been fantastic. Never change as trust me 90% of sols have no time for an agent. If you have a link where I can leave a review I would be happy to do so for you."

December 2021 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr A who said "The service provided to me by Adrian O’Brien was of an exceptional standard. Adrian went above and beyond to help me retain my clean record and remain a person of good character. Following an initial 2-hour consultation, I received regular emails from him regarding his plan of action, and my family also received regular calls from him, reassuring them that the case was in good hands, which it absolutely was. It took Adrian only a matter of days to convince the prosecutor to agree to an out of court settlement. I am truly grateful for everything Adrian has done for me, and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking the same help"

November 2021 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr M who said "Adrian was fantastic, reliable, honest and supportive; he provided invaluable industry information and detail which helped to understand next steps.  Thank you!"

November 2021 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr A who said "I'm extremely gtateful to you for settling this case without the need for further court proceedings and helping to sort this case swiftly and professionally. I can't explain how satisfying this is for us"

November 2021 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr A who said "Thank you for representing me in this case and I am extremely thankful to you for resolving it so quickly."

November 2021 Efua Baffoe-Garley acted for Mr & Mrs L who said the service was friendly and efficient at all times.

November 2021 Jessica Webb acted for Ms N who found her "very easy to deal with and the service was efficient". 

November 2021 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr D who said "Thank you for updating me with the fantastic news yesterday of the out of court settlement. I can't thank you enough for helping me navigate the situation I found myself in. You have been incredibly efficient and taken a huge weight off my shoulders".

November 2021 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr C who said "Thank you so much for all your help, this is really wonderful news that it has been settled so quickly,. As you can imagine, it is an enormous relief to hear that this is all resolved."

November 2021 Adrian O'Brien acted for Ms B who said "I can’t tell you what a relief this is and how pleased I am this has been drawn to a conclusion. Thank you for your ongoing support and guidance and for negotiating this outcome. I appreciate you always keeping me updated - it really helped me manage my anxiety in relation to the matter."

November 2021 Adrian O'Brien acted for Ms DP who was "absolutely delighted with the result"

October 2021 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr G who said " I am incredibly grateful for the help and will undoubtedly recommend your firm to anyone".

October 2021 Hannah Woodham acted for Miss L who said "Absolutely fab, I really enjoyed working with Hannah - she is a breath of fresh air in an industry which could earn a lot from her pace, efficiency and personable manner."

October 2021 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr C who said " Adrian was exceptional, he is personable and extremely diligent. He is a true gentleman, he helped to negate the stresses of legal proceedings and instil a certain level of reassurance".

October 2021 Philip Davis represented Mrs H in a personal injury matter who said she was very satisfied with the service provided and he was extremely business-like and took great pains to explain the conduct of her case.

October 2021 Efua was instructed by Mr J and Ms T in a property matter who said Efua was "really good. The most important thing for us was communication. Efua was attentive and always responded in a timely way".

October 2021 Jessica Webb acted for Mrs D in a conveyancing matter who said Jessica was fast, efficient, helpful and polite.

October 2021 Jessica Webb acted for Miss E in a conveyancing matter and she marked as "excellent" the way Jessica dealt with the matter.

October 2021 Philip Davis acted for a Mrs B in a personal injury matter and she said "Philip Davis was extremely professional, kept me updated at all times and gave excellent support. He was patient at listening and has a calm, courteous, friendly manner. I will certainly recommend to others".

September 2021 Hannah Woodham acted for Mr C and Miss P who thanked her for her hard work and they were so happy that Hannah dealt with it and they couldn't have asked for a better individual to work with.

September 2021 Adrian O'Brien acted for Miss B who said "I would like to thank you for your constant reassurance and efficiency in dealing with the matter. I could have have wished for a better outcome".

September 2021 Hannah Woodham acted for Miss D who said "A very good service provided. We were please with her help".

September 2021 Hannah Woodham acted for Mr O who said "Cannot find any faults with any of the service, Hannah deserves a medal for how she dealt with this very complex case. Her customer care, honesty and persistence was unbelievable. At times I was very stressed but she always communicated with me and reassured me on a regular basis. She always acted in a timely manner and there were no delays with deadlines, I would highly recommend her services to anyone. A real asset to your company."

September 2021 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr E who said "I cannot recommend Adrian enough. I was deeply impressed at how swiftly my case was resolved. Adrian was extremely reassuring and professional".

September 2021 Hannah Woodham acted for Miss L who said "I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work; from constantly answering all my questions, being so helpful, and so timely with all your responses. I cannot express my thanks enough to you.  Your time, help, service was beyond super.  I will be sure to recommend you to any friends and family who need a solicitor in the future". 

August 2021 Hannah Woodham acted for Miss D who said "Happy with the service, more challenging due to my overseas location & Covid restrictions but overall the sale was managed efficiently and any challenges that arose dealt with quickly and with clear knowledge."

August 2021  Hannah Woodham acted for Mr S who said her "service was very prompt and professional. Hannah did an excellent job at explaining and instructing me throughout the process and she went above and beyond to sort through our complicated sell. I was very impressed and I will be recommending her to all my friends and family".

August 2021 Adrian O'Brien  was praised by Miss E who said "I was very happy with Adrian’s work on my case – he provided me with assurance at a very stressful time and the matter was dealt with in a timely manner". 

August 2021 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr D who said the service was professional, thorough and completed on a timely basis.

August 2021 Mrs S was delighted with the progress and service provided by Ian Hardy which enabled her to save a substantial amount of stamp duty.

August 2021 Mr B thanked Hannah Woodham for her "first class service".

August 2021 Mr commented that the level of service provided by Ian Hardy was "exemplary and he always kept me up to date with everything, explained all the jargon, was highly efficient and all with great humour to which really helped".

August 2021 Mr C complimented Adrian O'Brien for his "incredibly swift handling" of the case and his "sensitivity".

August 2021 Mr M thanked Adrian O'Brien for "excellent service you provided which helped me feel assured".

July 2021 Philip Davis acted for Mr M in a personal injury matter, he said he could not fault the service he received from the firm or the staff, and he was always informed of every step taken on his behalf

July 2021 Miss H thanked Adrian O'Brien for all his time and effort on her case and she's extremely grateful for the outcome he achieved for her. 

July 2021 Mr B complimented Hannah Woodham on "an excellent service, everything went through quickly and smoothly". in a property transaction.

July 2021 Ms V praised Jessica Webb for excellent and very efficient service in a property transaction.

June 2021 Mr H praised Jessica Webb for "good service and value for money" in a property transaction.

June 2021 Mr & Mrs G said they received "Great service" from Hannah Woodham who fixed previous solicitor's issues and kept them up to date. 

June 2021 Ms S instructed Hannah Woodham for her property transaction and said she is a credit to GHH team, very efficient, friendly and provides clear advice

June 2021 Mr & Mrs B instructed Amy Fraser on a property matter and thanked her for her excellent service

June 2021 Mr T thanked Amy Fraser for excellent, friendly, professional and informal service.

June 2021 Ms D thanked Adrian O'Brien on a fare evasion matter for his analytical skills and knowledge, for working tirelessly to settle the matter and that "Your legal expertise and professionalism went above and beyond my expectations throughout the course of my case".

June 2021 Mr & Mrs N instructed Hannah Woodham with their property transaction and found that she was always calm and efficient; they were very impressed especially with the amount of work that every solicitor has faced beating the stamp duty deadline and covid restrictions.

June 2021 Mr W instructed Amy Fraser in his property purchase and thanked her for her clear and calm guidance throughout the process.

June 2021 Miss W instructed Jessica Webb for her property transaction and thanked her for her positive and helpful approach.

June 2021 Ms B instructed Hannah Woodham in the sale of a property and thanked her for her help and support I would recommend her to others in the future.

June 2021 Mr & Mrs M instructed Efua Baffoe-Garley in their residential property sale and purchase. They said Efua "was brilliant and made our transactions a little less stressful. She was courteous, professional, helpful and always available to talk  -  and if not promptly returned our calls or emails. Definitely recommende Efua!!

June 2021 Mr A instructed Adrian O'Brien on a Fare Evasion matter, he said that Adrian "dealt with the situation very efficiently and got the desired result. Taking into account the pandemic, I really couldn’t have asked for a better outcome". 

May 2021 Ms P instructed Lucy Attfield on the sale of her home. From the positive chat she had when she first enquired, having been recommended by an Estate Agent to call us, to completion she was impressed by our service and Lucy's constant availability even during the pandemic.

May 2021 AdrianO'Brien acted for Mr D in a fare evasion case. D was impressed by Adrian's "analytical skills and knowledge " and  "prompt responses and attention" as well as  his "legal expertise and professionalism"

May2021  Amy Fraser acted for Mr Y on a house purchase  and provided he said " A great service"

April 2021 Efua Bffoe- Garley was recommended to R and S by Estate Agents when they wished to sell their home and buy another. They said  " Excellent service from Efua. professional, polite,  efficient and helpful "

April 2021 Mrs and Mr C instructed Jessica Webb to act on the remortgage of their home. They were more than delighted with the "good value for money"  service and for her "professional efficient and friendly "manner

April 2021 H commented after Adrian O Brien successfully negotiated a settlement for him in connection with alleged misuse of the Delay Repay system   that the service provided was  "Absolutely first class. Adrian was superb. I could not have asked for a better service"

April 2021 Mr E  described Adrian O'Brien's help in connection with a fare evasion matter as "exceptional" He "received the highest possible level of service and it could not be improved"

April 2021 Mr W instructed Adrian O'Brien to advise and represent him in connection with allegations about his use of the Delay Repay scheme.. Adrian resolved the matter swiftly to W's satisfaction "during what has been an extremely challenging and stressful period  " for W

April 2021 Mrs and Mr G engaged Amy Fraser on their residential sale and purchase. They commented that they "Could not have asked for or expected a better service"

April 2021 Lucy Attfield acted on the purchase of a new home for R who was pleased with the good service received and will recommend us to friends.

April 2021 Mrs and Mr M instructed Amy Fraser on the purchase of their new home and described her as "courteous and professional"

April 2021 L found us on a community FaceBook page and was happy she did so. Jessica Webb was instructed to deal with her home purchase and was thanked for her "high quality service".

March 2021 Ian Hardy dealt with the purchase of a house for B. He felt he had received good value for money and will recommend us.

March 2021 D sought advice and representation from Adrian O'Brien concerning the alleged misuse of the Delay/Repay system and was delighted with the "excellent advice " and for "finalising the manner in such a professional, friendly and wise manner". He said he was "exceptionally grateful"

March 2021 B and T were recommended to us by a fellow professional with whom we have regular dealings. Hannah Woodham acted on the sale of their property.

"We cannot thank Hannah enough for her hard work and professionalism. We would highly recommend (Hannah and the firm) to anyone else looking to buy a property and will definitely be using her in the future"

March 2021 Mr P was pleased with the service provided by Jessica Webb on his property sale. She is, he wrote, "Very professional and easy to deal with"

March 2021 C, a returning Client,, was impressed with the service provided by Amy Fraser on his house purchase. He was very happy and will recommend us.

March 2021 Adrian O'Brien was consulted by Mr  I in respect of allegations relating to Delay Repay claims.Adrian was praised for using his understanding, knowledge  and skill to negotiate a prompt  and very satisfactory outcome. Mr I commented  "The flat fee for his work is the best money I have ever spent"

March 2021 Mr I instructed Amy Fraser on the sale of a residential property. He says we provided "A quality legal service" which he described as excellent. He was recommended by an existing client and will in turn  recommend us to his friends.

March 2021 B instructed Lucy Attfield on a residential sale and purchase. He found her "Courteous and professional" and will recommend us to his friends.

March 2021 Amy Fraser who acted on a sale for Mr H was described by him as " Brilliant" having been recommended to us by local Estate Agents

March 2021 Ms B engaged the services of Lucy Attfiled on her house purchase and was pleased to have done so. Lucy was "Efficient and professional and very understanding of my circumstances" she wrote.

March 2021 Amy Fraser acted for Mrs J on the purchase of her new home. Amy's service was described as "second to none" by this delighted client for making the experience "stress free"

February 2021 We were recommended by a local Estate Agent to P, a first time buyer,  for whom Amy Fraser then acted on a residential purchase. P was appreciative of the fact that "Amy answered questions and emails quickly" and was " very helpful and put my mind at rest"

February 2021 Mrs and Mr R engaged Efua Baffoe-Garley to sell a property. She, they wrote, "provided excellent communication at every stage. Having bought and sold  multiple properties over the past 50 years the sevice we received was outstanding."

They added that they would not hesitate to recommend Efua and the Firm.

February 2021 M instructed Amy Fraser on a residential purchase.He was so impressed with the service provided that he emailed our Managing Member as follows, 

"I hope you don’t mind the cold email, I wanted to reach out and let you know about the outstanding service I have received from Amy from the minute I reached out. 

I have probably used 10 solicitors through my business and buying / selling properties and never had such good communication, nothing was a problem, explained everything perfectly and I knew exactly where the transaction was at all times, which in my previous experience is unheard of. 

I will never use anyone else again, look after Amy - she is exceptional! "

January 2021  Mrs and Mr B, returning clients, instructed Lucy Attfield  on the sale of their home.They described her as  an asset to the Firm and were grateful to her for moving the matter on in an " approachable and very efficient" manner

January 2021 Mr RS said of Arthur Li - "I just wanted to say thank you for your assistance with our legal requirements. It is refreshing to work with a solicitor who ‘says it like it is’ and get work done quickly. So thank you for all of that."

December 2020 Lucy Attfield acted for Mrs and Mr C on a house sale and puchase. They felt the service given was excellent and will recommend us to family and friends. They commented that the others in the chain were impressed by Lucy's diligence and competence.

December 2020 Mr C was represented by Philip Davis in a complex property dispute. A settlement was negotiated with which the client was delighted. Philip he said was "extremely professional" and gave "sound and factual advice" and "excellent client support"

December 2020 Sand F instructed Lucy Attfield on the sale and purchase of their old and new homes. They wrote with their aprreciation of and gratitude for her being "thorough, organised, professional and approachable" and added "We would definitely come back to you in the future"

December 2020 Mr S instructed Hannah Woodham on the sale of his house having been recommended to us. Hannah's service is described as "First class and very friendly".

November 2020 Mr H requested representation by Adrian O'Brien on a matter relating to allegations made about the Delay Repay scheme. Adrian resolved the matter to his satisfaction

November 2020 Adrian O'Brien advised another client ,A, on an alleged abuse of the delay repay scheme which could have had serious ramifications for that client. Honest and sensitve negotiation produced a settlement acceptable to both sides and Adrian won praise for his" excellent and professional service"

November 2020 Ms E engaged Efua Baffoe-Garley on a sale and purchase of residential properties and was pleased with the service provided, describing Efua as "courteous and professional"

November 2020 Mr H instructed Lucy Attfield on residential sale and purchase and was delighted by the "Fantastic service" 

November 2020 Mr S asked Adrian O'Brien to act in a fare evasion matter . He wrote " Adrian couldn't have provided a more effficient, or reassuring service"

November 2020 Mr G  engaged Efua Baffoe-Garley on the sale of his existing and purchase of his new home.He was impressed  by "the excellent service throughout"particularly in a difficult situation  which arose.

November 2020 Amy Fraser was instructed by Mr A , a local man, in a property sale.He found her "Professional and friendly"

November 2020 Mr P instructed Hannah Woodham on the leasehold purchase of his new home.As a first time buyer he felt that "everything was well explained and communicated" He added that "despite all the troubles with COVID Gray Hooper Holt kept on top of everything. Very friendly and helpful."

October 2020 Mr R instructed Efua Baffoe-Garley on the sale of a property and commended her for her efficient "professional and courteous manner"

October 2020  Efua Baffoe-Garley acted for Mr H on the purchase of his new home.He commented that she provided a quality legal service whilst listening to his needs and meeting his objectives.

October 2020  Mrs and Mr T were recommnded by local estate agents and were delighted with the work done by Amy Fraser whe they bought their new home.They felt that they had received a professional and value for money service.

October 2020  Hannah Woodham provided an "excellent service" to Ms A when acting on the sale of her home. We were recommended by local estate agents

October 2020  Mrs and Mr O were happy with the good qualty legal service provided by Hannah Woodham in connection with their property transaction.

October 2020 Adrian O'Brien acted for N and L in connection with allegations of fare evasion. He negotited a settlement and thet were grateful for his knowledge committment and skill in bring about a very satisfactory outcome.

October October 2020 Mr  H was recommended to us by a friend and colleague when he wanted to sell his home. He said of Hannah Woodham that she dealt with everything "promptly and efficiently and in a friendly manner"

October 2020  Philip Davis pursued a succesful claim under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents)  Act on behalf of he friend of and carer for a person  who died without leaving a will and in cicumstances where the rules on intestacy would have left her unprovided for. This is  a complex area of the law which she felt Philip handled perfectly whilst giving "an excellent service from start to end"

October 2020  Hannah Woodham acted for Mr P on the purchase of his new home.. He wrote,

"Everything was great, prompt replies to my email smade the whole process stress free, thanks!"

October 2020 Mr S and Mr B enaged us on the sale of their home having been recommended by local estate agents.

Hannah Woodham acted and they were delighted with her work which they described as "excellent and value for money"

October 2020 Mr DS praised Amy Fraser for an excellent service and sent her a book as a token of his appreciation.

October 2020 about Arthur Li from Miss FP: Many thanks, I have enjoyed what might have been a quite stressful experience. You are very good at what you do.

September 2020 about Arthur Li from Miss HM : You were super professional & extremely helpful. Went over and above to help me! That’s for sure!

September 2020 C consulted Adrian O'Brien about driving offence. A more than satisfactory outcome was the result. C wrote "I am incredibly pleased with the service provided by Mr Adrian O'Brien of Grayy Hooper Holt LLP.It was excellent from beginning to end.It is a very prompt and courteous service with great attention to detail. I appreciated the approachability and transparency." Mr O' Brien, he said "was 100% correct about the outcome.It is a service I would highly recommend "

August 2020 K and P instructed Ian Hardy to deal with their property transaction. They wrote,"Ian was excellent. He is thorough and professioonal and left no stone unturned. He was alawys understanding and always willing to talk to us about anything we needed help with"

August 2020 Mr A  did an online search for a fare evasion lawyer and was so pleased to have found Adrian O'Brien. He rated the service provided as "Excellent" and appreciated Adrian's empathetic approach.

August 2020 Feedback from Mr SS about Arthur Li

The pleasure of conducting matters with you has been enlightening, and the confidence in your exemplary handling such a challenging case has been commendable for the worthy result. So thank you for such perseverance. 

August 2020  Heartfelt apprecaition and respect from Clients of Hannah Woodham who dealt with their property transaction  

"You can’t imagine how relieved we are that everything has gone through at last. You are AN ABSOLUTE STAR, and we thank you.

Without your dedication and work ethic we would not be here  today, working past your office hours was fantastic."

August 2020 Mr and Mrs K asked Hannah Woodham tom acty in the purchase of their new home and werte pleased with the outcome.They felt that they had received proper attention and  "Good value for money"

August 2020  Mr and Mrs T instructed Jessica Bowskill to review their Wills. They were very satisfied with her service and will recommend us to their friends.

August 2020 Efua Baffoe-Garley was described as "Absolutely fantastic"when she acted on a sale which required expedition and expertise. Efua  was recommended to Mr E by a local eastate agent.

July 2020 Mr P instructed  Jessica Bowskill to act on the administration of the Estate of someone close to him. He appreciated not only the excellent service but the empathy which she displayed.

July 2020 Philip Davis negotiated a settlement approved by the Court on behalf of a minor who suffered injury in a car accicent when she was a young child.He was praised for a service described as"  excellent "

July 2020 F instructed Efua Baffoe- Garley in the sale of a house. In answer to our suvey questionnaire and in particular the questionas to whether there is anything we can do to improve our service he wrote. "I think you do not need to improve. Your service was first class"

July 2020 Ms C needed Adrian O'Brien's advice and assistance with a fare evasion matter. She was very impressed with "how quickly action was taken and consequently how quickly a positive outcome was achieved" She " received very clear information on the whole process. The ease of using your services took a lot of stress away from me and felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders, for which I am very grateful"

July 2020 Mr W contacted Adrian O'Brien about a fare evasion matter and was very staisfied with the service and outcome "Excellent service, I could not be happier"

July 2020 Mrs N, a returning client of the firm, engaged Jessica Bowskill to prepare a Will and described her as the service as "outstanding"

July 2020 Philip Davis acted for a young lady(M) who as a child had suffered extensive scarring when attacked by a dog. Proceedings were commenced and a  very substantial settlement negotiated  on the day  the Trial  was due to start. M was happy to "commend the service which Philip has provided throughout" She added "I  have been notified at every stage and supported through a very difficult experience"

June 2020 Mr M required help in dealing with a rail company concerning alleged fare evasion and was represented by Adrian O' Brien. Following a successful conclusion he wrote "My experience with Adrian was exceptional .His knowledge, skill and understanding were immediately clear and allowed me to feel at ease with the process."

M had telephoned a number of other lawyers "but when I first spoke to Adrian it was obvious that he has the skill and experience required. Sincere thanks."

June 2020 T instructed Efua Baffoe-Garley on the  purchase of a property . Efua provided "A quick efficient service and kept us up to date at all times"

June 2020 Mrs L is a returning client who instructed Ian Hardy on a sale of property.She was very happy with the service and felt she received value for money.

June 2020 Mr S was recommended to Hannah Woodham  by a friend of his.Hannah duly acted on his house purchase abd described her service as "Excellent, especially considering the interruption due to Covid crisis"

June 2020 - a client Ms U was referred to Arthur Li by the ex-wife of a previous client in a divorce matter. This is not a unique event.

June 2020   " I found that Hannah Woodham dealt promptly with all my queries and was always polite and professional. In particular I want to praise her calming influence which gave me confidence at times when stress got the better of me"   This from Ms C for whom Hannah acted on a sale and purchase.

June 2020 Ms S  engaged our services in respect of her sale and purchase. She was very happy with the job done by Hannah Woodham who she says was "very professional and very friendly"

June 2020 Mrs BM said of Arthur Li: "I would also like to express my thanks for all your help throughout my divorce. I could not have done it without your expert services . I am very appreciative of your assistance. Thank you ! "

June 2020  Mr C instructed Jessica Bowskill in connection with his Will. He was vey pleased with the "prompt and efficient service " he experienced

June 2020  Hannah Woodham is described as "V ery professional and very friendly" by Ms S having successfully completed her sale and purchase

June 2020  Writing of Philip Davis, who negotiated a settlement of her claim relating to injuries and injuries suffered in a road accident, MIss S said "Very good service. Mr Davis was informative and made all my options very clear at the various stages. He made the whole process easy and not stressful. " She was recommended to Philip by a friend and will recommend us to her friends and family

June 2020  Mr B instructed Efua Baffoe-Garley on the sale of his home and the puchase of his new one, having been recommended by an Estate Agent.He felt that he was well looked after and got value for money. He added " Excellent , could not fault the service, thank you for your help"

June 2020  Mr D instructed Hannah Woodham to act on a property sale. He enthused about her service, "I found everything was actioned correctly and in a timely manner. Overall rating 100%.  Would not hesitate to use again"

June 2020   Our newest recruit Efua Baffoe-Garley , an experienced property lawyer, acted for and completed transactions for Mr D.His verdict was "Very good service, professional advice and under the circumstances (Covid-19) timely execution"

May 2020  Mr K consulted Adrian O'Brien about a fare evasion matter and described him as polite and helpful. He applauded his clear communication and regular updates and highly recommends him

May 2020 Adrian O'Brien  continues with his remarkable run of negotiated settlements on behalf of Clients alleged to have been involved in fare evasion. Mr S was particularly grateful and wrote "Having Adrian O'Brien take on my case was one of the best decisions  I've ever made. He fully understood my needs and took the time to go through everything and assuage my concerns. There were no hidden costs and Adrian outlined the whole process. He provided a  professional service throughout and kept me regularly updated, and in doing so was a constant reassuring source of comfort during a difficult time. It is thanks to Adrian that my case reached a favourable and timely conclusion . Thoroughly recommended and very much appreciated"

May 2020 Mr B was recommended to seek our services by another local solicitor when he was knocked down by a car. Philip Davis negotiated a settlement in damages for his injuries and other losses.B felt that Philip was very good and that we were value for money.

April 2020 Philip Davis issued proceedings involving the Motor Insurers Bureau and negotoiated a settlement with them. The client ,W, suffered injuries and losses as the result of a  road  traffic accident caused by an uninsured driver.She described all aspects of the service as excellent.

April 2020 Mr G instructed Ian Hardy on the sale of his home and the purchase of another. Depsite the difficulties provided by the current crisis Ian got the matters completed to the satisfaction of all involved.G praised the professional service and clarity of Ian's advice in very challenging circumstances.

April 2020 E instructed Emma Hardy  on the purchase of a property having been recommended by Esate Agents. She was happy with the service and to Emma for being "very pleasant and informative"

March 2020 Mr AS to Arthur Li: "Thank you for your timely and  considered advice"

March 2020 Mr H was recommended to us by a close familymember  and instructed Jessica Bowskill to advise about a Will which was duly prepared and executed. He wrote "Excellent.Keep the good work up.I would recommend you."

March 2020 Mrs B suffered injury when she slipped while in a hired static home. Philip Davis negotiated a settlement immediately prior to Trial. Mrs B says she would recommend us to her friends and that she received an excellent service which was value for money.


March 2020 M and W asked Hannah Woodham to act on the purchase of their  new home." Hannah was brilliant - really personable and approachable whilst always being very professional.It always seemed she had time to help us and talk things through with us making us feel comfortable with the whole process.Thanks"


March 2020 Mrs and Mr C instructed us as a local firm they had instructed previously.They were looked after by Jessica Bowskill and appreciated the quality of her service.They said " Good service all round and very friendly"


March 2020 G instructed Jessica Bowskill to prpare a Will. D is  an existing client of the firm and was pleased to describe the service as "Excellent"


March 2020 D instructed Philip Davis following a slip in a car park which left him with significant injuries .  He recovered damages appropriate to his injuries and other losses .He felt that Philip's service was "Exceptional" and was grateful that he was " kept very well informed at all times"

March 2020 Mr and Mrs B were former cients of Hooper Holt prior to our merger and came back with instructions to Jessica Bowskill to review and revise their Wills .They liked Jessica's approach and professionalism which made it for them " an easy process"


March 2020 Mr J instructed Jessica Boewskill in connection with a Will and was happy that she provided professional assistance ,a quality legal service and that we are good value for money.

March 2020 Mrs W's  family were old clients of Douglas Solicitors with whom we merged some years ago and whose founder Arhur Li is a Designated Member here. She instructed Frank Davey on a property matter and were delighted with the excellent and professional service.

February 2020 Mrs I who first instructed Hooper Holt over half a century ago is pleased that after all that time we still give "an excellent service" She is very satisfied with the work done by Jess Bowskill.

February 2020 Hannah Woodham dealt with G's purchase of a new home. G was delighted with the service which was described as " Absolutely excellent from Hannah all the way through"

February 2020   Mrs and Mr F,  returning clients,  engaged Jessica Bowskill to prepare a new Will. They  wrote " All legal aspects were fully and clearly explained. Overall very very pleased with the service"

February 2020 Philip Davis acted for P in connection with a claim following a Fatal road traffic accident. The Dependent of the deceased  appreciated his efforts in successfully concluding a very difficult case.

February 2020 Philip Davis negotiated a very good settlement of a claim for personal injuries for a returning client,B. He regards Philip as "Totally professional"

February 2020 Mr B instructed Ian Hardy on the sale of his home and purchase of his new home.He had been recommended by a friend and will in turn recommend us. Ian was "Faultlessly efficient"

February 2020 H instructed Jessica Bowskill on his Will .He wrote that he had received good value for money,a timely service and a quality legal service.

February 2020 Ms S instructed Philip Davis in connection with a claim for personal injuries suffered whilst walking her dog .She was "attacked " by cows.Philip negotiated a substantial settlement with which she was delighted She found him  to be "Courteous, caring and accessible"

February 2020 " Excellent.Please place on record the most helpful service.All my worries and anxieties were firmly take care of .I cannot thank you enough."   This was the reaction of Mrs G who engaged  Jessica Bowskill in connection with her Will.


February 2020 J suffered injuries in an accident. Philip Davis fought tooth and nail with the other party's insurers who even at the Hearing were arguing for a sum significantly less than was awarded by the Court.  The client put her thanks very simply "Brilliant service"


February 2020 L and O found us by searching the web and contacting 5or 6  firms before deciding to consult us.They said that thy were "Very glad we chose your company." Of Jessica Bowskill they wrote " Absolutely great.Always the quickest replies,very friendly,helped in every way as well as very patient.It was a pleasure working with Jessica.She was so accommodating and we would recommend her highly.Knew her stuff well."


January 2020 Mr and Mrs C consulted Jessica Bowskill about codicils to their Wills  and making and registering  Lasting Powers of Attorney. They were former clients and were very staisfied with the service provided which they felt was "very thorough and prompt" and worthy of recommendation to friends.

January 2020 Hannah Woodham was instructed to act on the purchase of M and K's new home.They were very satisfied and wrote, "



We first encountered GHH when we needed some documents certified.  The welcome, firstly on the phone, when we asked if we could pop in was very accommodating, very different from other law firms we had phoned.  Reception staff were welcoming and efficient.  We offered to pay and you waived any fee which we thought was marvellous customer services.  We were seen by Ian  Hardy at that time who was very friendly.  At this point we decided to use you for our conveyancing in the future.


Our house purchase went very smoothly, the communication was prompt, accurate and in a way that was easily understood.  The process was outlined clearly and we were kept appraised of any developments in a timely manner.  We had an interesting communication from our vendors regarding how we should proceed, according to their solicitor.  Hannah was very clear in her advice which was contrary to our vendors solicitors, supported our view and in our interests, as is her role.  She was professional, knowledgeable, extremely competent and a delight to work with and we would not hesitate to highly recommend your firm to anyone we know in need of legal support.


Thank you very much for your service.


January 2020 Mrs and Mr C wrote of Hannah Woodham "The service was excellent.Hannah was extremely thorough and ensured that everything that needed to be done for this complicated transaction was done by all parties involved.We would highly recommend Gray Hooper Holt's services"


January 2020 Ms and Mr C instructed Frank Davey on the sale of their long term home and purchase of a new one.They were impressed and reassured by his " very efficient service"

January 2020 K and S instructed Hannah Woodham  on a pretty complex purchase of their new home. They thought she "did a fantastic job despite a few hurdles and would highly recommend her"


January 2020  "I really can't thank you enough for everything you have done,both in the speed at which you were able to resolve the issue,and the amount of money that was due.I am confident that without your assistance ,my future could be looking incredibly different...you've given me a second chance". Thus wrote A about Adrian O'Brien who was consulted about a fare evasion charge.

January 2020 Mr A was recommended to Hannah Woodham by his Estate Agent and described her as "Absolutely perfect"  following completion of the purchase of his new home.




December 2019 Mr D consulted Jessica Bowskill about a Will.He was delighted with the attention service and advice he recived described by him as "Excellent"

Decembet 2019 Mrs A decided to instruct us on a property matter following a Google search and quote comparison.Hannah Woodham acted and MrsA commented that "the service we received was excellent ,Hannah is extremely efficient"

December 2019  Wendy Arthur acted for Mr B on his property matter. He found her "very professional"

December 2019 Mr L engaged Frank Davey to sell his house.He was  very impressed with Frank and would recommend him to others and felt he got value for his money!


December 2019  Wendy Arthur was described by Mrs M as "Friendly,approachable,no nonsense and 

professional " following Wendy's completion of her house sale and purchase.

December 2019 Hannah Woodham acted for Mr L who opined "The service provided was excellewnt value ,concise and direct and a speedy process,will highly recommend to others"

December 2019 Mr A Instructed Wendy Arthur on a residential property transaction.He described the service he received as "top notch" and "very thorough "and will be recommending us.


November 2019 Frank Davey acted for Mr S on a house sale.He was delighted with the service and wrote that  "Frank made every problem not a  problem"

November 2019  Jessica Bowskill advised on a Will for a returning client who described her as excellent.

November 2019  S consulted Jessica Bowskill about a new Will following the death of a loved one.She expressed her gratitude for and appreciation of the courteous and professional assistance she received.

November 2019 Miss E had problems with a fare evasion matter and found Adrian O'Brien after a web search. He resolved the matter to her satisfaction and immense relief;"I was extremely satisfied with the service provided.Adrian was compassionate and understanding during a very stressful and worrying time.His professoionalism and efficiency meant that I received the best possible outcome,for which I will be forever grateful"


November 2019 Daphne Frost prepared Wills for Mr and Mrs R who rated her service and professinalism as "Excellent" in every respect.

October 2019 Mr B emailed to express his gratitude to Adrian O'Brien in connection with a case of fare evasion."The process couldn't have gone better without your knowledge and expertise"


October 2019  Mrs B was impressed with the services provided by Jessica Bowskill in connection with the drafting of  her Will and with the professionalism she displayed.

October 2019 Mr B instructed the head of our conveyancing department, Ian Hardy in a particularly complex matterand was impressed by the way Ian resolved the issues.

He chose this Firm as a result of knowing our committment to Haywards Heath Town FC of which he ia a supporter.


October 2019 Arthur Li ,our matrimonial specialist, acted for Mr A in a family matter.Mr A was very pleased with Arthur's excellent service. He commented that he had researched many solicitors on the internet and then went to meet a number of them."When I met Mr Arthur Li ,I knew he was the one for me...and I was never disappointed during the whole case"


October 2019 Daphne Frost prepared Wills for Mrs and Mr R who felt she had provided a quality legal service and value for money.


October 2019  Mr M wrote to thank Adrain O'Brien  for gettinfg a fare evasion  matter resolved and for his "Professionalism"

October 2019  E. asked for Adrian O'Brien's advice and representation on a fare evasion matter.He was extremey pleased with the result and wrote"I am beyond grateful for everything you have done and can only thank you-which does not seem enough!!It ia a massive relief and I would not be in this position it it wasn't for you"  He went on to praise Adrian's compassion and understanding.


September 2019  Mr M asked Jessica Web to act on the sale of his home.He was happy that we provided  a quality service and were value for money and wrote that he would recommend us to his friends. He added " Jessica was very efficient and responsive,very happy with the service."


September 2019 Adrian O'Brien received the following from a very pleased and relieved client,Mr F "Believe me I do not underestimate the effort and support you have given to me. You have been very approachable and also very honest which are two most vital qualities"

September 2019 Ms W engaged Jessica Webb to act for her and was extremely pleased with the outcome."Jessica was fantastic throughout the whole process of selling our property.The support and advice I received was second to none"


September 2019 Mrs J was recommended to Ian Hardy to sell a property. She was very happy with our service and wrote that Ian  was "very helpful and professional"

September 2019 Mrs H a long time friend of the Firm instructed our new Private Client solicitor Jessica Bowskill to advise and prepare her Will. She described us and Jess as "Excellent"

September 2019 Mr C was delighted with the service provided by Frank Davey. He is  a returning client who said he would instruct us again.He felt valued as a client and will recommend us to his friends and colleagues.

September 2019 Mr  and Mrs W were recommended by local Estate Agents to Jessica Webb.Following the successful completion of the transaction they wrote "The service we received from you was excellent.Jess Webb was superb,she answered all our questions very efficiently.Hannah Woodham was avery good stand in when Jess was away"

September 2019 Mr and Mrs G instructed Jessica Webb on the sale of a property.They said of our service " Very friendly service,approachable lawyer and admin staff".They wrote Jess a personal note of gratitude "for making a difficult process for us as a family ,so much easier"


September 2019 Philip  Davis acted for a young person injured in a road traffic accident. Mother, Mrs J ,was delighted with the result of a court case in which the child was awarded compensation thanks to Philip's skill and experience.


Mr G wrote to thank Adrian O'Brien for taking a great weight off his mind in negotating a settlement with a rail company

Mr K consulted Adrian O'Brien about an allegation of fare evasion in which a settlement was negotiated.He wrote" The fact that it has been concluded  to my satisfaction(particularly given all that was at stake)within two weeks is testimony to both your deep and broad knowledge of the law in this area and relationships you hold"


Mrs and Mr R  were recommended by friends to consult Daphne Frost about Wills and say that they were "glad we took that advice"

Ms C instructed Jessica Webb on the sale of a property when the client suffered a family tragedy.As well as describing Jessica's service as excellent she took the time to write and thank her for help at a very difficult time.

Miss R wrote to say that she felt very supported and well counselled by Adrian O'Brien who advised in connection with a fare evasion matter.

Mr P  Thanks Adrian O'Brien for persuading a rail company not to proceed with a threatened prosecution,"it was reassuring knowing that you were there to help"


Ms M asked Hannah Woodham to act for her in the purchase of her new home.She praised Hannah's patience and described her service as "Superb"

August 2019 Mr R instructed Adrian O'Brien in connection with a fare evasion matter.He was delighted with the outcome and said that it is "Great news that the case is closed"


August 2019 Ms G had a very stressful time when accused of fare evasion.She was delighted with the advice and assistance she received from Adrian O'Brien in negotiating a compromise.She praised his "professionalism throughout"

August 2019 Mr K was "extremely pleased with how Adrian[O'Brien] dealt with my case.Communication was prompt and clear and Adrian would always ensure I understood everything,setting clear expectations.He was friendly and approachable..."


August 2019 Mr and Mrs Y instructed Ian Hardy on the sale of their home and the purchase of a new one. Despite being busy moving out and moving in they found time to contact us to tell us how pleased they were with Ian's work which they described as excellent in every respect.

July 2019 Arian O'Brien had a busy moth dealing with fare evasion matters all of which were concluded to the stisfaction (and relief) of our clients. Among them , Miss C, Mr D and Mr P wrote to acknowledge and thank him for his professionalism,attentiveness and expertise. They found us after searching Google and all were glad they came to us.

July 2019 Mrs S instructed Hannah Woodham on the purchase of her house and was very impressed "Excellent service from Hannah.Always very friendly and efficicient with BRILLIANT [client's emphasis!] communication skills.The whole process was a pleasure-THANKYOU [client's emphasis!]   .Will certainly recommend to family and friends"

July 2019 Ian Hardy acted for Mr and Mrs C on a property transaction and received this accolade" Everything was explained in a succinct manner which we could understand which gave us every  confidence.Excellent !Can't fault your service"

July 2019 Mr A consulted Arhur Li in a stressful family matter which was resolved to his satisfaction. He wrote that Arthur was "great in all aspects and I consider you as my good friend."

July 2019 Miss S wrote to Adrian  O'Brien "I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic service you have provided.This situation was stressful and your services were exactly what I was looking for in representation"


July 2019 Mr and Mrs B are very happy clients having instructed Frank Davey on the purchase of a new home "Excellent.Very highly recommended. Frank is a great communicator and has been incredibly helpful throughout the process.Frank was the one point of contact we could rely on when other parties were difficult to deal with"



June 2019 Ms P Felt that she could "finally relax" now when Adrian O'Brien resolved a fare evasion matter for her.

She added "I am very happy with the service provided by Gray Hooper Holt LLP. Mr Adrian O'Brien was very helpful and understanding and it was a great pleasure working with him. I would definitely recommend Mr O'Brien and Gray Hooper Holt LLP to anyone in need.Thank you again!"


June 2019 Miss M appreciated the advice and representation provided by Adrian O'Brien. and thanked him for "achieving the result I wanted"

June 2019 Mr A  had problems with a fare evasion matter and Adrian O'Brien negotiated an outcome with which he was very happy.  He said that his instinct in choosing Adrian was "Bang on " and that "If I need a legal bod,you're the man!"

June 2019 Mr O engaged Adrian O'Brien in connection with a fare evasion matter which was successfully concluded.Adrian's advice was,he said "Quick professional and clear"

June 2019 F, who had instructed Adrian O'Brien to represent her in connection with alleged fare evasion wrote,after he was able to negotiate a settlement to avoid a court hearing "I am very relieved to hear that the case has been withdrawn and that it is now over. Thank you for your persistence "

June 2019 Mrs E is a pedestrian who sustained nasty and painful injuries when she was hit by a car.Philip Davis dealt with her claim and started court proceedings which resulted in a very favourable settlement for her. She says that his service was "Excellent"

June 2019 Mr and Mrs S approached Daphne Frost about their Wills .She advised and prepared Wills  for both of them in ann extremely "efficient and friendly " way.

June 2019 T was very pleased with a property purchase handled by Hannah Woodham who he felt was quite simply "Great"

une 2019 Mr P instructed our commercial expert Arthur Li about a loan agreement.On conclusion he thanked Arthur for his "exemplary part in this process"

June 2019  Mr L decided it was time to make his Will and duly consulted Daphne Frost who advised him clearly and concisely making him feel "valued as a client". We are pleased to note  that he thought  that we provided value for money.


June  2019  It's still early in the month but already clients are taking time out to record their appreciation of  the advice given and negotiating skills  employed by Adrian O'Brien in connection with worrying and potentially damaging cases of fare evasion. Happiness, relief  and a renewed sense of hope are expressd as well as gratitude for a job well done.

Among those Mr P and Miss M were particularly effusive!

May 2019 Mr H found Adrian O'Brien's "input a refreshing change to the previous lawyers"


May 2019 Hannah Wodham received the following praise from clients by whom  she instucted on a house sale;"It all went very smoothly with no hassles or panics.I would have no hesitation in recommending you in the future"

May 2019 Mr K found himself on the end of an allegation of fare evading.He instructed Adrian O'Brien who negotiated a settlement which Mr K described as his "preferred outcome" and for which he was extremely grateful.

May 2019 Frank Davey was recommended by Mr B's friend and says Frank's service was "excellent" Mr B was delighted with the manner in which his house purchase proceeded to completion.

May 2019  Ms K wrote "I have been blown away by the outstanding level of service I have received" from Adrian O'Brien. "Adrian was professional and efficient throughout,and his genuine empathy and understanding of the situation made me feel valued and well cared for" and "Thanks to my fantastic experience I would definitely use Gray Hooper Holt LLP  again and also recommend the firm to my family and friends"

May 2019 Daphne Frost  acted for an existing client from a family of satisfied Clients.Mr H was grateful for Daphne's help and described her as knowledgeable courteous and professional

May 2019 Mrs S suffered a nasty fall and sustained painful injuries.She was advised by her family to consult Philip Davis. She found him "Thoroughly satisfactory in every respect .I felt I was in expert hands from the outset and confident of receiving appropriate advice and support"

May 2019 Ms R came back to us as an existing client on a property sale and was very happy with the "Thorough and efficient" work carried out by Jessica Webb.

May 2019 Mr S consulted Arhur Li about a family matter and received a service he described as being "Personal,efficient and very good value". He says that he  had been recommended to Arthur and will in turn recommend us to his friends.

April 2019 Mrs P  Engaged Daphne Frost to review and update her Will.She was satisfied that she received value for money and appreciated Daphne's "courteous and professional" approach

April 2019 Mrs B was recommended to us by her Estate Agents and Wendy Arthur acted on  the sale of her home.She was very satisfied with the advice help support and service provided which she described as "Excellent"

April 2019 Mr H found details of our Fare Evasion expertise on line and instructed Adrian O'Brien to act for him,.He was extremely happy with our timely advice and service. 

April 2019 Hannah Woodham acted for Mr A who engaged her to sell his house.He felt "valued as a client"  and was appreciative of Hannah's support.He would recommend us!

April 2019 Mr H instructed Frank Davey on a house sale. He was a returning client and very happy that Frank maintained our previous excellent standards of service and advice.

April 2019 Mr D instructed Adrian O'Brien on a fare evasion matter which was settled by negotiation.He sent an email of appreciation about the results and thanking Adrian for his eefforts on his behalf.

April 2019 Adrian O'Brien acted for Mrs S on a fare evasion materr and negotiated a sympathetic settlement on her behalf for which she was very grateful; "

I really can't thank you enough for your help and support its been invaluable. I feel like I came so close to losing everything that I had worked so hard for. My husband and I are so thankful and relieved. Its taken a great weight off .
I knew instinctively that I required expert advice and that's certainly what I found in you, I'm sure had I not  instructed you the outcome could have been much different. I really am so grateful for everything. "


March 2019 Mr B was delighted with the advice and result achieved on a fare evasion matter where he was represented by Adrian O'Brien. He wrote "I can't express my gratitude to you enough. As I mentioned in my email following the news, it has been a stressful time but your counsel and reassurance have meant that I at least felt that the efforts exerted on my behalf were of the highest calibre. I'm delighted that we were able to secure this result, and once more, would like to thank you for all of the time you have spent working on my behalf"

March 2019 Mrs B, a returning client, instructed Daphne Frost to draft a Will to meet her changing and family circumstances and her impending marriage.She described the service as "First class..as always"

March 2019 Mrs F instructed Daphne Frost to update her Will and was pleased with the service provided.She was impressed by Daphne's knowledge and grateful to her for her support.

March 2019 Mr and Mrs D described Ian Hardy as professional and courteous and praised his "high standards " when he acted on a sale and purchase.

March 2019  "Frank was brilliant throughout the whole process.Would definitely ask Frank to act on our behalf again in the future and would recommend him to others" So wrote Mr and Mrs V who instructed Frank Davey on a house purchase.

March 2019 Mr M Found us on the web and instructed Frank Davey to act on a house purchase..He found Frank to be "Very professional ".He was kept regularly updated and made to feel valued as a client.He says he received excellent service.

March 2019 Mrs E consulted Daphne Frost about revisions to her existing Will and inheritance matters generally.She commented that Daphne made her feel valued as a client  and provided a "value for money "service which she described as "Excellent"

March 2019  We were recommended by IFA's to act for Mrs A in a sale and purchase of residential properties.Jessica Webb dealt with the matters promptly and efficiently and kept Mrs A regularly updated making her feel valued as a client.

March 2019 Mrs W instructed Hannah Woodham in a complex residential matter and was very glad she did;" The service provided by Hannah throughout ....was second to none. It has been a very stressful time and I couldnot have done this without Hannah's professionalism,attention to detail,tenacity and humour."

March 2019 Ms D instructed Philip Davis to recover compensation for injuries and other losses suffered in a car accident which he duly did.She was vey satisfied with the services and with "the end result"

March 2019 Mr W suffered injuries in a road traffic accident.He was pleased with the "excellent quality" provided by Philip Davis who negotiated a damages settlement for him.He added that he felt valued as a client and will recommend us to his friends.

February 2019 Adrian O'Brien negotiated an out of court settlement for Mr W who was under investigation for fare evasion.This very grateful client commented: "Adrian O'Brien provided an excellent service"..."his propfessionalism helped secure the best possible outcome for my case.He understood the nervousness I had and helped ensure the matter was dealt with quickly"  He added that he couldnot have hoped for a better lawyer.

January 2019  Mr B consulted Adrian O'Brien on a fare evasion case which we were able to resolve amicably and without proceedings.Mr B was very grateful and wrote " Many thanks for helping me through this process, undoubtedly, getting in touch was the best decision I made after a series of pretty bad choices! I’m delighted and relieved this is all behind me, and lessons learned."

January 2019 Ms V Expressed her appreciation of Jessica Webb's services on a house sale  " It was good to work with you and we'll make sure [the estate agent] hears how positive our experince with you has been"

January 2019  Mr P  instructed Ian Hardy to act on the sale of his flat in which he had lived for many years. He was more tham happy with the service provided and the fees charged which were less than he had been fearing when he decided to sell!

January 2019 Mr P consulted Adrian O'Brien about a fare evasion problem which we were able to resolve.He commended Adrian's work:

 "Adrian was a through professional throughout my interaction with him. He was highly knowledgeable with the legal issues in context to my case, provided the right advice and acted very promptly in a timely manner to meet the deadline."

January 2019 Ms P was very concerned about her current and future prospects following allegations relating to fare evasion.Adrian O'Brien acted  swiftly and settled matters to her satisfaction and relief.She wrote to him:

 "I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help with this matter. From our first conversation[a few days ago] you put me at ease and made me feel assured that I was in good hands. You are a real asset to the legal profession, and I say that wholeheartedly.  Thank you once again for all your help."

January 2019 Mr B Found Ian Hardy,who dealt with his sale," Knowledgeable and supportive"  as well as "responsive and professional"

January 2019 Mrs M instructed Ian Hardy on the sale of her property and was impresse with his handling of the transaction.She said " Ian kept me informed and updated throughout the whole time " and that she got good  value for money.

December 2018 We were recommeded to Mr W in connection with a house sale by estate agents.Hannah Woodham acted and Mr W described the services provide as "Excellent "and value for money.

December 2018 Mr O instructed Philip Davis to act for his child  injured in a road traffic accident. He negotiated a good settlement and Mr O commented that he was "Very helpful,informative and thorough from start to finish" He added "I am more than satisfied and would not hesitate to recommend to  anyone  requiring Gray Hooper Holt's services"

December 2018  Adrian O'Brien acted for Mr S on a fare evasion case. At the conclusion the grateful client wrote;

"I am so pleased my case is finally over. 

Firstly I would like to thank you for the amazing service you have provided. You have been completely professional at all times and very sympathetic towards my situation. You have also been very supportive and continuously reassuring. I can not express how grateful and happy I am with your service.You have saved my reputation and are the reason I can continue to accomplish my dreams in the professional world."

December 2018  Mrs M was represented by Frank Davey when she purchased a new home.She was recommended by a work colleague and is happy to recommend Frank to her friends.

December 2018 Daphne Frost  was instructed to prepare a Will in accordance with Mrs F's instructions.The Client was impressed with her advice and our sevices and described Daphne as "Very Professional"

December 2018  Mrs F instructed Philip Davis to act when her husband surrefered fatal injuries in a road accident.She comments that Philip acted with integrity and compassion whilst succesfully resoving he claim

November 2018 Mr G who instructed us on a residential sale emailed Ian Hardy  to say

"I would like to thank you and Wendy for your work in completion of the sale of our property 

The speed was very essential to complete the sale and you both did well  to do it for us .

I would have no hesitation in recommending your company  for your excellent service ."

November 2018 Mr and Mrs M who are long time clients instructed Daphne Frost in connection with their new Wills. They were very satisfied with all aspects of the advice and service provided,which they described as "Excellent"


November 2018 Mr and Mr H instructed Frank Davey who was recommended by an Estate Agent in connection with a purchase of their new home. They described Frank as courteous and knowledgeable about the issues.They say they felt valued as clients.

November 2018  W. emailed Hannah to thank her for acting on a residential purchase.She thanked her for "all your great work" and added that she will "be happy to recommend you and  have actually already done so"

October 2018 Miss M Needed help on a fare evasion case.Adrian O'Brien resolved the matter to her immense relief and satisfaction and commented "Fantastic! Adrian has been brilliant throughout the process." He "provided clear options and solid advice." "Eternally grateful for securing the outcome I so desperately wanted"

October 2018 Mr M  instructed Adrian O'Brien in connection with fare evasion.Following a successful outcome he wrote

"I had dug myself into a very serious hole that would have had extremely damaging repercussions without Adrian.His knowledge and sympathetic attitude were invaluable.I cannot express my gratitude highly enough.Thank you Adrian..worth every penny."

October 2018 Mr S instructed Ian Hardy on a purchase and found him supportive and knowledgeable.Mr S felt valued as a Client.

October 2018 Mrs and Mr M instructed Jessica Webb on the sale of their property and were very satisfied with  her service and commented that she was "exactly what was needed"

September 2018 Frank Davey acted on conveyancing transactions for H and A  who described his service as excellent and commended him for listenig to and acting upon their needs.


September 2018 Arthur Li acted on a stressful matrimonial matter for A and was praised for his professionalism and skill

September 2018 Pand W thanked Ian Hardy for his tremendous efforts on a conveyancing transaction  and said that they look forward to working with him again.

August 2018  Mrs and MrT Expressed delight at Hannah Woodham's service  and for keeping them calm during  a sale and purchase.

August 2018  Hannah's Clients N and D wrote to thank her for "all your expertise and support on our recent purchase"

August 2018 Hannah Woodham acted on Ms F's purchase of her first home and wrote that Hannah"..has been a great support "..."She was always available to answer my questions and advocated for me where needed.She made the process clear and simple to understand" She felt too that our services are value for money.

August 2018  Mr B engaged Daphne Frost to advise him about a Will which she duly drafted after listening to and advising him  how to put his wishes in place.He was very satisfied wit our services and described Daphne as "very efficient and courteous"


July 2018 Mrs and Mr S were more than satisfied with Ian Hardy's work on a sale and purchase having been recommended to us by Agents

July 2018 S and K wrote cards to express their gratitude for the work done by Jessica Webb and Ian Hardy in connection with purchase of their first home and specifically always being available on the 'phone at "the most critical moments of the transaction"

July 2018 Mr C  to whom we were recommended by local agents was vey satisfied with Ian Hardy's service and level of efficiency and will recommend us to friends.


July 2018 Mrs M instructed Daphne Frost to prepare her Will .She appreciated Daphne's care and her ability to listen to her needs and act upon them in a courteous and professional manner.


July 2018 Ian Hardy was praised by Mr N, a returning client ,for his "Excellent and prompt "service in a property transaction and for making him feel valued as a client.


June 2018 Jessica Webb acted for Mr and Mrs S on a house sale and purchase.They felt valued as clients and said that the service was "excellent all round"

June 2018 Mr and Mrs P were recommended by a local  estate agent and were looked after by Jessica Webb.They were very happy with her knowledge efficiency and the ease with which they could contact her as well as the promptness with which she dealt with matters.They wrote that " As first- time buyers the process seemed daunting,but she was always happy to provide information and re-assurance.In the end it all went much quicker than anticipated.We would recommend you to all our friends near and far"


June 2018 Mr and Mrs C instucted Hannah Woodham on a conveyancing transaction.They commented: "We have instructed other conveyancers in the past,but have not experienced the level of service offered by Gray Hooper Holt  before.We were impressed by the speed of staff allocation communication and the personal touch offfered by Hannah.She really understood our expectations and acted on them promptly and in a very professional yet friendly way"


June 2018  Mr C who instructed us on a property purchase told us that Jessica Webb was "always available over the 'phone,explained things clearly and,during 'phone conversations,made me feel valued......I believe that good relations are essential since buying and selling property is both a tricky and stressful business" He was delighted to be able to have a direct line to Jessica .This he said was a"godsend especially when you compare it to many automated 'phone services"

June 2018 Mr B instructed Ian Hardy having been recommended to him by a local estate agent.He was very satisfied with the firm all round and felt that Ian was "Professional,efficient and friendly"


June 2018 W a local estate agent described Hannah Woodham's service on a residential purchase as "Brilliant" and said of the conveyancing team that they are "a breath of fresh air".He gave us 10/10


May 2018 Mr B,a returning client,was vey satisfied with the fIrm's conveyancing service provide by Hannah Woodham.


May 2018 Mrs C for whom our conveyancing Solicitor at Redhill,Frank Davey, acted described the service as "Excellent"

May 2018 My Y Who consulted Daphne Frost was vey satisfied with the Firm's services which he described as "Excellent"

May 2018 An Estate agent wrote to thank Hannah for her patience on a difficult and complex house sale anda s he said "Brilliant!!!.Top work all round"

May 2018 Hannah Woodham acted on a sale and purchase having been recommended by Estate Agents.Mrs A says "Excellent. Hannah was vey helpful,many thanks.Very efficient.I would highly recommend."

May 2018 R and P, who were recommended by a friend, were pleased with the advice provided by Jessica Webb on a residential transaction.She was described as "Efficient and thorough"

April 2018 Daphne Frost  in Wills and Probate received the following commendation from Mrs D (who was recommended by a local small business owner who the client had known for many years);"Very,very, good.Everyone was very polite,friendlyand helpful.Very informative.All my questions were answered in a way I could I understand"

April 2018 Mrs S wrote of Daphne Frost that she "provided me with an excellent clear and informative servicein a very positive and friendly manner.I was highly satisfied with the whole procedure"

April 2018 N and S Were "very satisfied" with Frank Davey's work on a residential conveyance.

1 March 2018 Hannah Woodham was praised by Ms W "May I say how efficiently you have dealt with the sale....and I would certainly highly recommend you and your firm"

1 March 2018 Mr and Mrs S were very satisfied with our conveyancing services provide by Ian Hardy who made them feel valued as clients.

1 March 2018 Philip Davis acted for Mrs S who suffered injuries in a road traffic accident and negotiated a settlement wih which she was delighted.She wrote,simply: "Excellent service,thank you "


28 February 2018 Mr K approached Adrian O'Brien about a fare evasion matter whic we resolved to his satisfaction.

He wrote that he would describe our service as professional and courteous ."I was very pleased to have dealt with Adrian.He was very reassuring and I felt confident dealing with him"

28 February2018 Mr and Mr emailed Hannah Woodham to thank her for her conveyancing services;

"We appreciate all that you have done in this transaction and thank you for all your efforts.We shall be recommending you to all that need your services and indeed if we ever do again we shall be looking you up"


28 February 2018 Mr and Mrs T completed our Client Satisfaction Questionnaire and sent a personal card to Sarah Oram following the successful completion of the purchase of their new home.She was "Friendly,relaxaed and knowledgeable,reassuring whilst we were stressed" and produced "Troublefree conveyancing"

6 February 2018 Mr F described Hannah Woodham as "Excellent in all respects"and was vey satisfied with the Firm's performance on a residential sale and purchase.


6 February 2018 Mr P instructed Hannah Woodham on what he described as "a complicated sale/purchase".He found her service "Amazing!!!!" and would be more than happy to recommend us to his friends.

28 January 2018 Ms N is  a returning  client who instructed Sarah Oram in connection with a residential lease.She described our services as excellent and thanked Sarah who "explained things in layman's term which was an enormous help with such a tricky transfer."


18 January 2018. Philip Davis acted for Mr O in connection with claims arising from a tragic fatal road traffic accident, looking after the interests of the surviving family members. Mr O commented "Mr Davis was very professional from the very first meeting but made me  feel very relaxed in a time of great sadness. I felt at all times he was acting in my best interests and I had every faith in what he was doing" 

16 January 2018. Mr C emailed Hannah Woodham to thank her for acting for his wife and him on their house purchase. He wrote "I can't tell you what a breath of fresh air you are, you made a difference in what is a very stressful time I could not thank you enough. I hope I won't have to move again, but if if there was ever a time when I need to there would be only one person I would reach out to"


11 January 2018. Mr R completed our  questionnaire confirming that he is very satisfied with all aspects of the services provided on a sale having been recommended by a former employee. He added simply "Sarah is top class" 

8 January 2018. Mr C for whom Sarah Oram acted on a house sale was very satisfied. He said "we were recommended by my estate agent and I'm so glad I met Sarah Oram. She has helped in every way for the sale to go through without any problems"


8 January 2018. Sarah Oram acted for Mr and Mrs G on the sale of a property. They were very satisfied with all aspects of the service and said of Sarah that she was "professional, prompt and courteous. A real pleasure to work with"

8 January 2018 Mr D, for whom Ian Hardy acted on connected property matters commented: "I could not be happier with the service provided by Gray Hooper Holt and Ian Hardy. Ian was always very professional. He did a first-class job and I am very grateful. Thank you"

8 January 2018 Philip Davis acted for Mr C who suffered injuries in a nasty street accident. Philip ensured that he was properly compensated. Mr C described Philip's  service as excellent and good value for money. He was recommended by an existing client.


8 December 2017 Ms N was very satisfied with the service provided by Hannah in connection with the sale of her property and commented "Hannah was very helpful and very quick to respond to any questions I raised and made sure that I was reassured when needed and had a compltere understanding of the process"


29 November 2017 Mrs T was delighted with the revision to her Will carried out by Daphne Frost  "The alterations to my will were carried out in a very professional manner and dealt with quickly".  Welcome praise from a former legal secretary.


29 November Ms A described Hannah Woodham as "Professional and client focused" and was very satisfied with the service provided by the Firm.



15 November 2017 Land P wrote to Daphne Frost to express their appreciation "Just a small note to say thank you for all the help and guidance you have given through our first purchase! It has been comforting to know that we have been to someone so excellent to take care of things and we really appreciate the care you have taken throughout"

15 November 2017 Mrs S,for whom Philip Davis acted in connection with a claim for compensation for injuries suffered in a road accident, wrote "Excellent service received from Mr Davis.Thank you "I have already recommended him to my friend"

7 November 2017 Mr H ,another satisfied conveyancing client described Hannah as "Professional and informative"

7 November 2017 Mrs P for whom Philip Davis recovered compensation  for painful personal injuries and resulting losses in a wholly successful  claim against a local authority described our service as " Absolutely first class and highly professional.The expertise of Mr Philip Davis and the results he achieved were exceptional due to his foresight and confidence in his actions"  She came to us on the advice of a " friend of a friend and how fortunate I was that that led to Mr Davis representing me"

7 November 2017,Sarah's client on a conveyancing transaction sent a very pretty card summing up her feelings in one simple word..."Thankyou!"


2 November 2017,Hannah acted on a purchase for Mr H who was very satisfied with our services which he described as "Excellent and  very  professional"


27 October 2017 Mr B recorded that Hannah Woodham and our Firm had provided a "first rate" conveyancing service and that he would "recommend us to his friends".


23 October 2017 Hannah Woodham received a glowing Client Satisfaction Questioonaire from Mr L  who added in an email

"Thank you for your assistance in this matter and for the helpful advice and guidance.....I will certainly keep you in mind for any future legal services"

19 October 2017 Mr  W wrote to Adrian O'Brien :"Thank you for everything. Throughout the ordeal I was impressed with how attentive, efficient and empathetic you were. It made my predicament far more manageable and for that I am extremely grateful, not to mention that you succeeded in achieving the desired outcome."


17 October 2017 Mr L a happy conveyancing  client complimented Hannah on her work and wrote;

"Once again thank you for your helpful assistance and guidance throughout this whole process. It has been a pleasure dealing with you."

 16 October 2017 Hannah Woodham received a personal message card from LC ,a conveyancing client ,which read:

"Phew! We finally made it! We could not have got through this without your expertise and wonderful personality. Thank you very much indeed for all your help in getting us through"

10 October 2017 Philip Davis received the following from SJ; "Thank you again for helping me and supporting me through a horrible situation.You and your staff have shown kindness and been compassionate all the way.Your team have been the only professional people that have been good without any problems.Thanks again."

11 October 2017 we received a thank you card from a lady our reception staff had helped out "To Shirley,Rhona and other ladies at the counter.Thank you very much for all the photo copying and your kind attention"


12 October 2017 Mr R wrote of Philip Davis who succesfully settled his claim ,"Professional,Philip was always there for advice and help.He broke down hard things to explain in an easy to follow way"



September 2017 Mr and Mrs M, longstanding loyal clients were "very satisfied" with all aspects of the service and advice provided by Daphne Frost.

September 2017Mr D was recommended to Arthur Li in connection with a matrimonial matter by a work colleague. He commented on our service as follows “Very good indeed – very satisfied, many thanks”


 September 2017 Mr R consulted Arthur Li about a matrimonial matter having got our details from an Internet search. He was pleased with the services provided and wrote “I was very happy with all aspects of the service provided. Mr Li was professional, but down-to-earth at all times, explaining things clearly, without being patronising. When I needed him to pursue the agreement,…….. he did so effectively and efficiently. I was impressed that Mr Li was prepared to meet at weekends and towards the end of the day, which helped me considerably.

September 2017 Mrs W was satisfied with all aspects of the service and advice provided by Philip Davis and added simply "Thank you so much for all your help"

 August 2017 Mr and Mrs T were recommended to us by estate agents. They commented that “Sarah Oram was very friendly and took the time to explain things in detail when needed. We would use Gray Hooper Holt again should the need arise”. They were very satisfied with all aspects of our service.


August 2017 Mr W complemented Arthur Li who “guided him well” and provided an “efficient service”. He was happy with the outcome of a claim against a builder. He then went on to ask about another matter concerning which he wishes to consult the firm.


August 2017 Mr D was happy with all aspects of the service provided by Philip Davis in a personal injury matter and in particular was pleased that Philip made feel valued as a client. He described our staff as “very polite and professional”. He was recommended by another client.

4 August 2017,Ms M a conveyancing client commented on our team as follows;"Very helpful at all times.Happy to answer any questions as they arose.Explained everything well and clearly"


4 August 2017 Mr and Mrs P commented that we are a "really good professional firm to deal with. They paid particular thanks to Sarah Oram and described our service as "excellent in all respects. superb value for money, friendly professional and courteous"

2 August 2017.Mrs D who suffered injuries when she was knocked down by a car described our services as "Excellent in every way" and expressed appreciation of Philip Davis's expertise .She added "The ladies,your secretary and local office (Redhill) have also been kind and very helpful.Thank you all."

She was recommended to us by another local solicitor

13/07/2017 Mr F wrote to Hannah "Thank you very much for all your professional help and support to us in the conveyancing process.  You have been extremely kind and have always dealt with us in a most friendly manner and we will always bear you and your firm when settling any legal matters in the future.Sadly we have already drafted new wills last year and were awaiting the sale and completion of the sale of our house before finally signing and agreeing the details otherwise we would have been happy to let you draw up both of our wills.

 ...We look forward to working with you again in the future and will certainly recommend you ad your firm to friends and family in the future.

11/07/2017 Mrs M wrote to Hannah "Just a quick note to thank you for all of your help and assistance with our move. You have provided an excellent service throughout and I will be sure to recommend you to others."

05/07/2017 The B family wrote to Hannah "We just wanted to thank you very much for all your help in our recent house move.  Your guidance (and patience!) was very much appreciated. ... Thank you for your perseverance. We got there in the end! Everything went very well on "moving day"

30/06/2017 Mrs M wrote "Sarah, Ian and Hannah.  Thank you for all your help and advice during my house sale.  I will recommend you to all my friends in the future"

15/06/2017 Mrs L wrote to Sarah and Hannah "Thank you for your skills in getting me to a new address. Settling in!"

17/05/2017 Mrs M thanked Adrian for his help and continues as follows :-

"In a world where negative criticism is too readily bandied about, it's important that excellence is recognised and celebrated, so I hope that you will forward my email to your practice head. Alternatively I can email him/her directly if you can let me have their contact details.

I am also happy for my comments to be used for your publicity, with the proviso that {the Client's} name is omitted, so that others can be helped as ably as we were".

25/11/2016 Ms G wrote to Sarah "Fantastic!! Thank you so much for such prompt, efficient and friendly service. We appreciate you pulled all the stops out for us and will be eternally grateful..Meeting with your colleague on Friday to sort wills next!"

18/11/2016 Mr C wrote to Sarah "I just wanted to say that you very much for everything you have done for us.  Great service and we would happily recommend you to anyone for conveyancing services! I’ll get in touch with Jessica re our wills".

25/10/2016 Mr L wrote to Philip "Thank you for taking the lead, always chasing and providing updates and trying to move things forward. I was so pleased to be able to put the whole episode behind me and my family and I can I look forward. Your professionalism and diligence in bringing this to a close was exemplary"

19/10/2016 Mr S wrote to Philip “We would like to take this opportunity to say the biggest THANK YOU possible to you for all that you have done. Not only have you brought things to the best result possible given the circumstances but also you have recognised and been sensitive to the human emotions involved. I know that I have harassed you a great deal in [my partner's] interest but you have been patient and given detailed explanations at every stage of the process.

[My partner] has been given a new lease of life. We both wish you and your family all the very best in the future.”

27/09/2016 Mrs T was recommended to us by a  former client who like her had suffered a personal injury. She commented that Philip Davis provided an excellent service, kept her regularly updated and made her feel valued as a client. She would have no hesitation in recommending us to her friends.

10/08/2016 We dealt with a personal injury case for Mr S who said  Philip Davis kept him regularly updated and provided support and clear explanations of the issues involved. Philip was described as "professional, thorough and approachable

07/06/2016 Mrs F was very satisfied with our level of service throughout and said of Philip Davis that she was "very happy with the service and support" she received in getting to a "very satisfactory outcome". She finished "thank you, very pleased to have everything resolved. Everything was very professionally handled

17/03/2016 Mrs W was recommended by a friend. She comments that she found Philip Davis’s service professional and helpful and that he was knowledgeable about the legal issues involved. She says that he kept her regularly updated and was supportive

19/01/2016 Mr L instructed us in connection with a personal injury claim which Philip Davis brought to a more than satisfactory conclusion. The client having been recommended to us wrote "Mr Philip Davis was always ready to answer any questions I might have and was very supportive and professional in his work. Thank you very much, the service was excellent"

23/12/2015 Mr and Mrs C  who were recommended by Chris Lodge ,say that Jessica Partridge was very knowledgeable about the legal issues involved and made them feel valued as clients .Jess was "very professional" and had a "structured "approach.

21/12/2015 Mrs C on was recommended to Philip Davis on a personal injury matter  by a friend who gave her a cutting from a newspaper praising the firm. She is very satisfied with all aspects of the work done by Philip and describes him in one word as "brilliant!"

27/11/2015 Miss S was recommended to the firm by a friend. She comments that Sarah Oram provided an excellent service "all the way through" and that she dealt with all issues in a "professional and calm way" which made the client feel that Sarah was "on our side".

25/11/2015 Mr N was recommended to us by a friend and expresses pleasure that Sarah Oram explored all legal options clearly and offered the best solutions according to his needs. He was impressed with the speed in getting information to him and moving the situation along to a satisfactory conclusion.

02/10/2015 Mr and Mrs S summed up Daphne and the services the firm provided in one word "Superb".

01/10/2015 Mrs L writes that we gave her support and made her feel valued as a client, describing Daphne as "Excellent"

01/10/2015 Mrs S, for whom we acted on a personal injury matter, writes of Philip Davis "I was properly advised on what action to take and with the assistance provided, a satisfactory outcome prior to court  action was achieved"

01/10/2015. Mrs M suffered a personal injury and was recommended to Philip Davis by a friend. She describes Philip as being courteous and professional as well as knowledgeable about the legal issues involved. She was satisfied that he listened to her needs and acted upon them. She says "I would recommend you to my friends"