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Railway Fare Evasion

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Having handled many railway fare evasion matters for our clients, we realise the acute embarassment that this sort of prosecution can bring for you. We will act swiftly, professionally and discreetly to protect your interests and your reputation by helping you with any action taken by the train companies.

The train companies employ a team of dedicated revenue protection inspectors who are briefed to monitor and apprehend fare evaders. They have also invested heavily in automatic ticket barriers. They now take each offence of travelling without a ticket very seriously.

Consequences Of A Conviction

A successful prosecution not only leads to a fine but also to a criminal record. For a professional person, a criminal conviction is for life (i.e. it will never become spent and will always have to be declared). A conviction may also prevent travel to certain foreign countries including the U.S.A and Australia.

A conviction for fare evasion will be for an offence of dishonesty which may jeopardise your present employment and will certainly adversely affect any future job applications.

Early Legal Intervention Can Save A Conviction

In order to ensure that we can take all necessary action for you, it is essential that you contact us early. If you leave it too late and the British Transport Police are involved it will make it more difficult to get a successful result.

We will provide you with a free initial telephone conversation where we will make an assessment of your situation and advise you of your options. At that point you can then make an informed decision as to whether you wish to protect your name or accept the prosecution.

We Can Help You Across England and Wales

Although we are based in Surrey we act for clients across England and Wales. We can take full instructions on the telephone if visiting our office would be a problem for you and we have barristers countywide to take a brief for any hearing in any court at short notice. Our discreet, confidential and expert service awaits you.

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