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Do You Need The Services Of An Employment Lawyer?

Employment lawyers offer a wide range of advice covering every element of the law surrounding employment issues and can offer comprehensive advice and guidance to employers and employees alike. With the issues and topics of employment law being extremely vast and often very complicated, how do you know if – and when – you would benefit from the services of an employment lawyer?


There are many circumstances where employees may also benefit from the services of an employment lawyer, and these include :

  • Flexible working hours – if, for example, an employee is returning from maternity leave and has had their request to work flexible working hours refused by their employer they may need advice from an employment lawyer.
  • Redundancy – an employee may need advice on their rights when redundancy is looming.
  • Discrimination and bullying – if an employee feels they are being discriminated against, or bullied, and the matter has not been resolved internally the employee may benefit from the advice of an employment lawyer.
  • Accusations – if an employee finds themselves of being accused of something they have not done in the workplace they may need urgent legal advice.
  • Equal pay – according to the law male and female employees must be paid the same amount if they are employed in the same role. If an employee has reason to believe this is not the case in their workplace they may need to take legal advice.
  • Unfair and constructive dismissal – if an employer feels they have been unfairly, or constructively, dismissed it may be prudent to take legal advice as soon as possible regarding their rights.

The area of employment law can throw up a minefield of questions and issues for employers and employees alike and it will often be hugely beneficial to employ the services of an employment lawful to get clear cut advice on your rights and responsibilities and avoid further conflict and complications.


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