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Totting up

Can You Avoid A Totting Up Ban From Totting Up Points?

A Totting Up ban occurs if you reach 12 driving offence points (through any method such as speeding and mobile phone offences etc) over a three year period. If this happens to you then you face an automatic six month ban on your driving licence. Gray Hooper Holt have a dedicated team of driving offence solicitors who will work with you to attempt to prevent you losing your licence through totting up.

Protecting Your Good Name From A Totting Up Ban

Many of our clients are company directors, owners or executives and as such prefer to keep the details of a potential totting up ban away from the media spotlight. We will do all we can to avoid any press coverage for our clients. We do not seek to use your details to gain competitive advantage, instead many of our clients recommend our services when they hear of a friend or colleague's need.

How Can You Reach A Totting Up Ban?

If you already have six or more points on your licence you could well face a totting up ban by committing just one more offence. However, if you commit more than one offence at the same time, both of them carrying a six point penalty, you can lose your licence through totting up immediately. Some penalties carry a fixed number of points, others are awarded at the discretion of the magistrates. The most common offences and the points they may carry include:

  • Minor Offences - Minimum 2 points
  • Failing To Comply With Traffic Lights - Minimum 3 points
  • Speeding Offences - 3 to 6 points
  • Driving Without Due Care - 3 to 9 points

How Can We Help You To Avoid A Totting Up Ban?

We have many years experience of motoring offences and will use our skills to either avoid a ban, or by attempting to keep it to as short a period as possible.

How Do We Charge You?

We appreciate that for so many people losing their driving licence could cost them many thousands of pounds in terms of lost employment or increased transport costs. However, we are also aware that for many people one of the biggest fears in choosing a solicitor is how much they will charge. We have resolved this by charging a fixed fee service. We will represent you at court and argue your case for you, and all for a fixed fee.

We Help You Across England and Wales

Although based in the South East we accept instructions regularly across England and Wales. We will take full instructions over the telephone if we cannot meet with you and we have expert motoring barristers across the country ready to represent you at court (even at short notice)!

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